Easy Ways to Recycle Electronic Gadgets and Control Pollution

easy ways to recycle electronic gadgets and control pollution

In the time where we all are dependent on technology and gadgets, we keep throwing old gadgets and buying new ones. But have we ever thought about the pollution which is created by electronic waste? It causes a lot of harm to the environment because the materials used in making gadgets are not degradable and are also toxic and harmful to the ecosystem, Hence, it is very important for all of us gadget users to know the ways to recycle unused or old gadgets instead of just dumping them in the dustbin so that we can do our bit by not harming the environment. Below given are some tips with the help of which you can recycle gadgets. Read more:

easy ways to recycle electronic gadgets and control pollution

Find out Recycling Programs

Most of the big brands which make electronic gadgets have got their own recycling programs with the help of which you can give them your old gadgets which you do no need anymore, and they make sure that they are recycled in the right way. Most of the materials are reused for making other gadgets and others are disposed of in the right way by using electronic recycling methods so that it does not become a harmful element for the environment.

Use DIY Ideas

There are many ways in which you can convert your gadgets to something else. You can paint them with different colors and patterns and make them as a show piece for your drawing room. You can convert them into something else like a lamp base, photo frame, or just a piece of art and it will definitely make your house look beautiful.

Store it

You can store your electronic gadgets and use them after a few years as antiques. For example, the huge TV sets which we used to see in our childhood are now considered as antiques and are treated as a classy piece for home décor. You can do the same with old electronic gadgets.

Donate them to NGOS

There are a lot of NGOs which work towards the effective recycling of electronic gadgets. Instead of just throwing away your gadgets randomly, give it to the right organizations so that they can either make them reach to someone who is in need of these gadgets or else recycle them. You can always donate old laptops or cellphones to those in need. Find out NGOs which sponsor the training and education of the poor because these are the organizations which are in need of gadgets to be used.

Sell your Gadgets

There are a lot of programs which give you money or other rewards in kind as a replacement for unwanted gadgets. You can also find people who are ready to buy second hand gadgets or require a part or materials from your gadget and you can sell your electronics to them so that you can also make some extra money and contribute to the betterment of the environment at the same time.


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