Know how Community Gardening Helps in Bringing the Society Together!

know how community gardening helps in bringing the society together

Community gardening is gardening done on a specific plot by the people of a specific area. This piece of land is usually owned by the local government or a specific trust and the main purpose for this is to get freshly produced vegetables and fruits in an organic way.

Apart from these basic benefits, there are also a lot of other benefits associated with the concept of community gardening, and getting the people of the society closer to each other and together is one of the most important goals achieved by this initiative. Read more to know why community gardening can bring the society together.

know how community gardening helps in bringing the society together

  • Community gardens help people develop a sense of community ownership by working on the garden, hence making them feel belonged to each other.
  • Community gardening helps people experience the development of community identity and the spirit of togetherness because all the people who work on the garden have one motto to achieve and all work towards it and some of them also go on to become community leaders if they show leadership qualities while managing the gardening activities.
  • A community has people of different ages, race, culture and social class living within it and with activities like community gardening, it is easy to get all these people together and share a feeling of friendship, respect and equality towards each other, killing problems like racism, culture and gender bias and discrimination based on social class.
  • A community garden can be a platform to promote community organizing and through this, other problems related to that particular area or society can also be discussed and solved, as people would be coming together regularly in order to conduct gardening activities.
  • It provided opportunities for people to meet their neighbors and further develop neighborhood organizations so that people can meet each other regularly.
  • When people get together to conduct community gardening activities, they can also get to know about other community information. Cultural exchange takes place with other gardeners with the help of which, we learn to respect other people of the community equally. Children also learn to respect elders and get to mix up among their age mates.
  • With the help of community gardens, the youth learns about the importance of unity, community harmony and practical life skills as well. They also get to learn to mix up freely among other people.
  • Regular community gardeners become really good friends with each other and hence, if any accident or other emergency occurs in your neighborhood, you can always have some people to count on.
  • Community gardening helps people of a particular area have a sense of harmony and peaceful environment around them, which helps in getting the society together and reduce difference related to class, caste or creed.
  • Community gardening helps in promoting the development of an individual’s social circle and having a big social circle is always beneficial for personal, professional and most importantly, a social life.


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