Affordable Green Living Tips for Families with Medium Income


Most of us think that choosing a ‘Go Green’ lifestyle is only a thing for the rich because eco-friendly products or practicing green living tips is expensive, but this is not really the case. We can always save on our costs even if we want to practice a green living for our family and even medium income families can do so without having to spend anything extra.

It is always better to practice an eco-friendly lifestyle so that you give your return to the environment and reduce carbon footprint and pollution. Below given are some of the affordable green living tips for medium income families which can help you march towards a sustainable lifestyle. Read more:

affordable green living tips for families with medium income

Turn off your Computer

Your computer consumes battery even if you put it on Sleep mode. Hence, make sure you turn it off completely. It will save electricity and help the environment and also help you save on your electricity bills.

Cancel your Newspaper Subscription

Instead of having a newspaper delivered at your doorstep every day, read news online. Each and every newspaper has almost got its online and web edition these days and you can save a lot of paper with the help of this practice and also save on the newspaper bills. This way, you can easily contribute to the environment as trees are cut in order to produce paper.

Start a Compost Pit in your Backyard

Read about compost gardening and dig a small pit in your backyard in order to compost your waste. You can use the composted waste as a fertilizer for your garden plants and if it is extra, you can also share it with your neighbors. Dump your everyday kitchen waste in the compost pit and produce fertilizers at home.

Rent a Hybrid Car when you take a Road Trip

This will help you save a lot on the wastage of fuel as hybrid cars function on electricity and they are also cheaper than cars which require fuel.

Buy Rechargeable Batteries

They cost a little more than the use and throw batteries, but in the long run, they help you save money as well as the environment. You can charge rechargeable batteries with the help of a battery charger, which is a one-time investment as you will not require buying batteries repeatedly.

Use Cloth Napkin Instead of Tissues

Though it is a task to wash the cloth napkins regularly, if you really care for the environment and want to switch to a sustainable lifestyle, you can consider using cloth napkins instead of tissue papers and paper napkins as this will help you save a lot of paper in the long run.

Get e-Tickets Wherever Possible

There are options of choosing e-tickets instead of having them printed on paper. You can do this for your movie or concert tickets or boarding passes so that you can save on the usage of paper.

Use Green Power

Check out if you can have a solar water heater fitted on your terrace instead of using water heating geysers. This can initially be expensive but saves money in the long run because geysers run on electricity and not using them can help you save on the bills.


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