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know how community gardening helps in bringing the society together

Know how Community Gardening Helps in Bringing the Society Together!

Community gardening is gardening done on a specific plot by the people of a specific area. This piece of land is usually owned by the local government or a specific trust and the main purpose for this is to get freshly produced vegetables and fruits in an organic way. Apart from these basic benefits, there […]

easy ways to recycle electronic gadgets and control pollution

Easy Ways to Recycle Electronic Gadgets and Control Pollution

In the time where we all are dependent on technology and gadgets, we keep throwing old gadgets and buying new ones. But have we ever thought about the pollution which is created by electronic waste? It causes a lot of harm to the environment because the materials used in making gadgets are not degradable and […]

Affordable Green Living Tips for Families with Medium Income

Affordable Green Living Tips for Families with Medium Income

Most of us think that choosing a ‘Go Green’ lifestyle is only a thing for the rich because eco-friendly products or practicing green living tips is expensive, but this is not really the case. We can always save on our costs even if we want to practice a green living for our family and even […]

more about washing cars in an ecofriendly way

Know more About Washing Cars in an Ecofriendly Way

Maintaining the cars by washing them is important for every car owner. We usually use a car washing detergent along with water but this is indeed very harmful for the environment. Firstly, it is a lot of water wastage and the water which is used to clean the car later gets filled with nasty elements […]

smart gadgets to save money

Smart Gadgets to Save Money!

Saving money is a priority for all of us but at the same time, it is also necessary to have some utility gadgets for daily use. Having gadgets usually costs a lot of money and hence, we are constantly looking for the alternatives which can serve the purpose of utility and save money at the […]

how does overpopulation affect the environment

How Does Overpopulation Affect the Environment?

Overpopulation is one of the most serious problems which is affecting the world in many negative ways. No matter how much efforts are being made in order to get the over booming population under control, it is getting more and more difficult to tackle the problems associated with it. One billion people are getting added […]