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bless your vanity with these organic makeup brands

Bless your Vanity with these Organic Makeup Brands!

Organic makeup brands have a lot of advantages over chemical makeup brands. They are made up of natural materials, which mean that there would be minimum amount of chemical substances on your face and body. Another huge advantage is that most of Organic Makeup Brands are not tested on animals and hence, your beauty is […]

why offshore wind farms can solve a lot of problems

Here is Why Offshore Wind Farms can Solve a Lot of Problems!

Looking at the current environmental conditions and shortage of energy, it is said that most of the future energy projects would be off shore and there are already many projects of wind farms which are already set up in many parts of Europe and even China and United states are considering this option in order […]

help the environment by recycling styrofoam

Help the Environment by Recycling Styrofoam

Styrofoam or Foam Polystyrene is a recyclable product which is commonly used in foam cups, plates and other packaging which is user to protect the good from being subject to damage. Styrofoam is collected at large amounts in daily lives with things like packaging, plates, coffee mugs etc. and at the same time, it is […]

know more about global dimming

Know more about Global Dimming Right Here!

Global Dimming is a phenomenon where there is a gradual reduction in the amount of direct irradiance at the surface of the earth. This happens when some particles in the air absorb the natural light of the sun and reflect it back. The effect of this is different at different places on the earth. It […]