Top 7 Green Steps for Pet Owners to Follow

green steps for pet owners to follow

Studies prove that over 71 million households across the continent of America own pets and people spend a lot of money on them. They buy a variety of toys, favorite foods and even clothing for their pets. Pet lovers treat their pets as one of their own family members. Although many of us are aware of reducing our carbon footprint, we give less importance to our pet’s paw print that stands equally important. We can keep both our pets and planet safe and healthy by allowing our pets live green.

green steps for pet owners to follow

Few green tips are mentioned below that can be followed by the pet owners:

Adopt From a Shelter

Some pet breeders concentrate on making profit by raising large quantities of purebred animals. Such people have been criticized for misdeeds like overbreeding, dirty food, poor veterinary oversight and killing of unwanted animals. Hence it is recommended to adopt from thousands of puppies born every day rather than making a purchase.

Opt for a Healthy Diet

It is necessary to maintain the right balance of food and nutrients while feeding your pet. One of the best pet foods is mainly meat based and it is always better to feed your pet with simple and fresh food rather than package foods.

Protect from Native Wild Life

It is necessary to keep your pets on chain when they are taken out as there are possibilities of attacks from predators, bird killers and cats. In order to increase the life span of your pet, always try to restrict them to a specific boundary.

Eco-Friendly Products

One must try to use products which are made from recycled materials or any supportable fibers with nontoxic ingredients. For instance, if the pet’s bed is made up of organic cotton, it will help them to sleep soundly. Any product which is made from organic or recycled materials must be used such as the green pet gear which is gaining popularity nowadays. One must avoid plastic and products which contain biphenyl or phthalates.

Manage Pets’ Waste

Always try to bag pet’s poop in biodegradable bags instead of any plastic grocery bags. There are many kinds of biodegradable bags available in the pet store. As plastic bags are hard to decompose in landfills, the biodegradable bags are capable of decomposing easily in waterways.

Practice Green Grooming

Use chemical free shampoos and conditioners for your pets. If necessary consult a vet, else for safety, one may choose to use branded items.

Reduce Toxins

It is necessary to reduce toxins in order to maintain a good environment. Often products containing chemicals are observed to be in use for pets. Homemade cleanser such as baking soda or diluted vinegar may be used. In case of stains, enzyme based products are the best.

Therefore, a green cleaned house and maintenance of tidy pets’ dishes and beds on regular basis will lead to a healthy environment. All pet owners should be well aware of the green process and take good care of the pets.


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