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glaciers from melting

Steps to Prevent Glaciers from Melting

Glaciers contribute a great deal in preventing global warming. They act as giant mirrors by deflecting the sunlight from the Earth’s surface back into the atmosphere and helps in regulating the temperature of the planet. Melting of the glaciers is natural and is counterbalanced by falling of snow which turns into ice and then again […]

effects of eutrophication on environment

Effects of Eutrophication on Environment

All living things need specific nutrients for survival. Normally nature does the perfect job of providing the right amount of nutrients. However, too many or too few of nutrients can also cause problems and this can be seen mainly in the aquatic ecosystem as they are so dynamic in nature. Serious problems arise due to […]

best ways to conserve soil

What are the Best Ways to Conserve Soil?

Soil conservation includes various measures that help in preventing the soil from erosion and exhaustion. Soil erosion removes the topsoil which constitutes micro-organisms, precious nutrients and organic matter which plays a vital role in sustaining plant growth of all kinds either naturally or by cultivation. Soil conservation helps in prevention of soil from eroding and […]

green steps for pet owners to follow

Top 7 Green Steps for Pet Owners to Follow

Studies prove that over 71 million households across the continent of America own pets and people spend a lot of money on them. They buy a variety of toys, favorite foods and even clothing for their pets. Pet lovers treat their pets as one of their own family members. Although many of us are aware […]

environmental ethics

Environmental Ethics – Important Facts to Know

Environment is fast becoming a serious cause of concern for the human civilization. In such a situation, one must certainly learn about environmental ethics. But, unfortunately, not many of us are aware of the existence of environmental ethics, let alone following it. However, it is imperative to start learning about it at present when our […]