Techniques Used in Green Building

techniques used in green building

With the rise in pollution, which has a detrimental effect on your health, it is time to focus on more eco-friendly ways of living. The answer is using green building techniques. These techniques   make use of some prime concepts such as using energy-efficient amenities, design and renewable resources, lowering deleterious impact on environment and health, and conserving natural resources like water.

A green building can be created by implementing certain ways to save energy. The initial investment in green building is high but in the long run you will reap the benefits of a green home. Green homes are cost-effective eventually. Green building is a new concept which is making waves. It employs both materials and processes which are eco friendly, resource-conserving and energy efficient in a lifespan of a building.

techniques used in green building

Green Home Building Techniques

Small Homes

Maintaining a small home with eco friendly atmosphere is more cost effective. Heating and cooling in big houses, consumes a lot of energy and should be avoided.

Energy Efficient Amenities

Equipments which are energy efficient, economical and of high performance should be bought and used.


Energy consumption can be appreciably reduced with proper insulation. Air leaks are common around windows, doors and duct work and this requires proper caulking. This will be cost – effective as you have to pay less on electricity bills

Recycling and Reusing of Resources

Invest in buying bio friendly products and discard products which are not eco friendly. Lower your need for purchasing new products that are not eco friendly. Reusing and recycling of materials, such as glass, plastic, reclaimed lumbar, tile are an essential green building technique.

Use of Long Lasting Materials

Products such as recycled plastic, glass, wood, cork, bamboo etc should be used in building your home that is roof, cabinets, counters floor etc.

Harnessing Solar Energy

Using the natural solar power as energy effectively, is a prime technique to be employed for building a green home. By doing so, energy consumption is appreciably lowered and money is saved. Solar panels should be installed strategically to harness the solar energy effectively.

Rainwater Harvesting Systems and Tank less Water Heaters

Investing in tank less water heaters reduce energy costs substantially as a small amount of water is heated at a time. Rain water can be used in toilets and sprinklers.

Eco-Friendly Lighting

The use of LED and CFL bulbs should be encouraged as they utilize less energy and are life-long. In spite of being expensive, they should purchase as they cut cost in the long run.

Water Conserving Amenities

It is a good idea to invest in dishwashers and washing machines as they offer super cleaning with less water and energy. Apart from these low flow showerheads, faucets can be used for saving on water.

Harness Geothermal Energy

Geothermal energy, obtainable from the earth, should be harnessed to provide unlimited energy for heating and cooling. The long term benefits outweigh the high initial investment here.

Attention to Clean Lungs

Some paints, plastics wood products release toxic vapours and should be avoided. Particleboard and plywood labeled “formaldehyde-free”, should be discarded.

Green building should be ideally adopted all across the globe for the betterment of the environment and sustenance of this planet.


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