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solutions to deal with droughts for farmers

The Top 5 Solutions to Deal with Droughts for Farmers

The problem of droughts is not new to farmers and to the world and the current example of the same are the California droughts which are now in their 4th year.  It is a fact that about 11 trillion gallons of water would be needed by California to recover from the situation and this has […]

british worst fly-tipping areas

Britain’s 10 Worst Fly-Tipping Areas

Did you know that London boroughs are the worst in the country for illegal fly-tipping? Find out where the UK’s 10 most common areas for fly-tipping are and what you can do to make a change, here. The 10 Most Common Fly-Tipping Areas in Britain A Freedom of Information request by the Press Association has […]

how does climate change affects bird migration

How Does Climate Change Affects Bird Migration

Global warming and climate change have brought about a lot of changes on our planet and one of these include changes in bird migration. Steadily rising temperatures have been making birds to begin their patterns of migration either too late or to early from the usual. If these changes continue on the same pace and […]