Jobs Where Robots cannot Replace Humans

jobs where robots cannot replace humans

As technology has reached advancement and computers have acquired all programming to perform human tasks with greater competence than even humans, there are some jobs which cannot be replaced by robots or machines whatsoever.

Technology has continued surprising us for a long period now with invention of innumerable devices, gadgets, machines and theories. In fact, mankind is standing on the verge of getting replaced by robots for all tasks. But, there are some jobs that cannot afford technology to intervene and below given is the list of the same:

jobs where robots cannot replace humans

Creative Jobs

Creative jobs like painting, music, writing, and dancing does need the help of technology to some extent; but these performing arts cannot be done by robots themselves or by any technology solely without the use of human mind. Like for painting, artificial instruments, tools, apps and software can be used to mix colors and develop accurate drawing; but the basic drawing needs to be done by a human using his creative mind. The technological tools and machines can assist the thought of the painter but not generate a new idea on paper or canvas. Similarly, with art forms, music fusion, choreography steps, writing creative pieces, you can take help of tools, but the actual job has to be done by you. 


An individual can be a best cook rather than a robot, may be a robot can prepare the ingredients and also do the garnishing and serving, but the cooking strategies can be best implemented by a human cook. If a person cooks, there are also possibilities of new recipes evolving; while robots will only let out recipes that shall be programmed into its chip set.

Healthcare Industry

In health industry robots have huge role in assisting doctors from checking of blood group, blood pressure, height, weight etc till assisting to the operation theatre. A robot pharmacist is very common today but they cannot replace the knowledge, experience and emotions of a doctor. A robot can work following the directions of a doctor with preprogrammed software. A doctor note down the patient’s case history, follows up the test reports, analyses all other variables of health and then does the diagnosis followed by medication. This noble and dedicated job is closely associated with emotional attachment with the patient’s suffering; this can surely not be replaced by robots.

Law and Justice Policy Formulation

Law and order is an indispensible aspect of our society, the idea of using a computer or a robot to judge court cases is beyond imagination. Computers cannot “rule” cities or countries. A computer does not have the ability to decide between good and bad, and this is one biggest attribute of human beings. Passing judgment, formulating policies, understanding evidences and norms of the society is definitely not the task of a robot.

Teaching as a Profession

Already, black boards have been being replaced by electronic boards and books being replaced by e books and so on. Education system is reaching an advanced level and using many tools to enhance the teaching process; but the explanation, and nurturing of lessons cannot be done by robots like a teacher can do. A teacher has the ability to understand students, their strengths, weaknesses and can guide them properly; this emotional attachment cannot be expected from robots.

Quality Control

In all sectors round the globe, whatever production is being done needs a quality check assurance.  The machines may breakdown, the standardization might go wrong, or the motherboard might stop working suddenly as these are the major drawbacks of machines. However, humans can spot the errors and rectify them as needed. 

Thus it can be said that there are numerous ways in which robots are useful but they cannot replace humans in many sectors of job. It is important to remember that mankind and its wisdom has these robots and they definitely cannot rule the creators.


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