7 Tips and Tricks to Save Water in your Garden

tips to save water in your garden

Water is an indispensible element for human civilization and unfortunately this resource is being misused immensely leading to probabilities of immense water scarcity in near future. If you have a garden, you will even more realise the worth of water as your nurtured plants simply cannot live without this “fuel”. The bigger the garden, the more amount of water you would need.

However, if you already dwell in a region where water supply is not abundant, watering your garden can be an issue for sure. Even if you don’t have any water problem in your locality, saving water in every possible way is a noble deed any day. Saving water and yet having a gorgeous garden is possible only if you follow some tricks and techniques of watering your plants. Here are some of the tips –

tips to save water in your garden

1. Water the Grass Tactfully

If you have a car, wash your car on the lawn itself to water your grassy patch simultaneously. This will save lots of water that you spend on watering the entire lawn separately. Most of the car shampoos have phosphates that are also used in fertilisers.

2. Ensure your Equipment is not Leaking

Most of the time, we waste water by not noticing the leaks. Check your fittings, taps, and hoses for leaks; if it is there then use M-seal or professional tape immediately. A leaking tap can waste almost 2,000 litres a month. Close all the taps, garden hose and water outlets at your home and read your water meter, wait for 3 hours and again read the meter; if it tickles that means something is leaking.

3. Water at the Right Hour

Most of plants loses water through evaporation if you water it when the sun is rising high. Thus, it is advisable to water your garden early morning so that the plants can absorb the water majorly. Avoid sprinklers on windy days as your plant will hardly get the mist and water will be wasted.

4. Plant Selection

If you choose plants that are native and of local origin, the water requirement would not be too much as it is already adapted to the vegetation. Cactus and other dessert friendly plants also do not need much water. In brief, try to choose plants that need less maintenance and watering.

5. Mulching Retains Moisture

If you have the habit of mulching plants, then you are already saving water! Mulching helps to retain moisture; it reduces the chances of water evaporation, and also increases the chances of nutrient absorption of the plants. Mulching also checks weed growth.

6. Allow Rain Water Seep in

During monsoons, your garden will not need watering regularly, may be once or twice a week would do enough. Try not to create your garden under shades, which will restrict the rainfall. So, give a pause to your irrigation systems and let rain do the water saving role whenever possible.

7. Reuse Water

Install a water tank in your garden and harvest water, especially during monsoons. Redirect the outlets to your garden. There are many models of slimline tanks that can be installed even in space restricted gardens to save water. Save your cooking water like the water used to boil vegetables and use them to water your plants. Reuse your fish tank water as well.

The above said tips are great ways to save water and yet have a blooming garden.


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