Pros and Cons of using Family Cloth- Reusable Toilet Paper

pros and cons of using family clothes

Family cloths or reusable toilet papers are those washable pieces of cloth which a family can use in the toilet for wiping purpose.  While some consider this concept highly eco-friendly, others may think of it to be plain gross.

This method is considered both economical and ‘green’ by eco conscious people since neither does it cause wastage of water nor does it waste toilet paper. But there are both pros and cons of using family cloth or reusable toilet paper. The list of some of the pros and cons have been given below.

pros and cons of using family clothes

Pros of using Family Cloth

  • One of the main benefits of a family cloth is that it is reusable. You don’t have to consider buying them again and again and don’t have to dispose the used ones.
  • Family cloths are eco-friendly since they don’t lead to wastage of anything or pollution of the environment in any way.
  • A reusable toilet paper or cloth can be made from t-shirts or old cloths and hence you don’t need to spend any money on buying them. Also, since it is reusable, you don’t need to worry about spending extra money and thus it an economical choice as well.
  • Using family cloths reduces pollution and waste and is eco-friendly in nature.
  • Family cloths are usually soft and are gentle on the skin and this is another positive of using them. They do not cause any rashes unlike toilet papers and are safe to use.
  • No trees have to get cut down in order to produce family cloths. This helps to save the environment from getting deteriorated.

Cons of using Family Cloth

  • The first disadvantage of using a family cloth is that most people consider it gross and unhygienic in nature. Using the same cloth everyday can prove to be unclean for most people, especially if it has to be shared among family members.
  • Not all stains can be removed after washing a family cloth and the cloth may turn dirty looking after a period of time.
  • Another negative associated with the use of a family cloth is that these need washing after every use and may hence get wet. If someone else has to use the toilet immediately after a family member, then it may not be possible to use the same cloth.
  • Cross contamination can occur in case of yeast infections and this can result in infections and illnesses, especially if the cloth is not washed properly.
  • Family cloth may need laundering a little too often and this can become a hassle or an expensive practice for most families.
  • Men and women may have to use separate family reusable papers because of the issue of staining among women which men may be uncomfortable with.

There are both negatives and positives of a reusable toilet paper and it is up to you to decide whether you would be willing to adopt it into your lives.


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