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affect of mining on environment

Affect of Mining on Environment

Mining is an important way of extracting minerals and metals from the earth and it is the source of all those substances that cannot be produced through agricultural and industrial process. It is really of great economic importance but also has a great negative impact on the environment. In nutshell mining affects our surroundings in […]

tips to save water in your garden

7 Tips and Tricks to Save Water in your Garden

Water is an indispensible element for human civilization and unfortunately this resource is being misused immensely leading to probabilities of immense water scarcity in near future. If you have a garden, you will even more realise the worth of water as your nurtured plants simply cannot live without this “fuel”. The bigger the garden, the […]

various types of natural resources

Various Types of Natural Resources

The resources that are derived from the natural environment are known as natural resources. Starting from rivers to mountains, stones to minerals, our Mother Earth is abundant with rich resources that have helped a long way for the man made developments. The human race could not have probably thrived without the use of these natural […]

interesting facts about paper recycling

Interesting Facts About Paper Recycling

Before paper if recycled, it is categorised into three sections – namely mill broke, post-consumer waste and pre-consumer waste. The paper manufacturers use the scrap paper materials for recycling purpose and this is done internally in the mill itself – thus this kind of recycled paper is known as Mill broke, while pre-consumer waste is […]

biggest man made environmental disasters

Biggest Man-Made Environmental Disasters

Our Mother Nature has been afflicted by all sorts of attacks-natural or man made. Even for the worst natural environmental disasters no one but man is responsible. It is the action of man (directly or indirectly) which leads to all kinds of environmental disasters may it be tsunami or cloud burst, Bhopal or Chernobyl tragedy. […]

benefits of organic farming

The Top 7 Benefits of Organic Farming

Organic farming is a term which is used to refer to that kind of farming which is done by purely using natural methods and ways.  The process may involve the use of biological materials and avoiding the use of any kinds of synthetic or harmful materials which tend to disturb the ecological balance and lead […]

pros and cons of using family clothes

Pros and Cons of using Family Cloth- Reusable Toilet Paper

Family cloths or reusable toilet papers are those washable pieces of cloth which a family can use in the toilet for wiping purpose.  While some consider this concept highly eco-friendly, others may think of it to be plain gross. This method is considered both economical and ‘green’ by eco conscious people since neither does it […]

benefits of thermal energy storage

4 Main Benefits of Thermal Energy Storage

Energy storage is one concept which has gained a lot of popularity over the past few years.  Because of its many benefits, thermal energy storage has become popular and is successfully been applied in several commercial installations and other places as well. The main segment of thermal energy storage has been in the form of […]

negative effects of recycling

Know 7 Negative Effects of Recycling

It is true that recycling is a wonderful practice, one that helps to restore the environment in many ways and ensures minimum wastage. Recycling is nature-friendly and is one practice which everyone must engage in at whatever level they can. But like all other things, recycling too has its flip side. This practice is also […]