Ways to Avoid Toxins Exposure at Household

avoid toxins exposure at household

Our houses are exposed to thousands of toxins on a daily basis. There are many toxins which we are not even aware of and these can be very harmful for our health. New and fancy products being excessively used today are the roots for majority of these toxins present around us and the results are dangerous diseases like cancer, asthma, bronchitis, lung infections, memory loss, heart problems, blood pressure, thyroid etc. We should always be on a look out for such toxins and take relevant steps to get rid of them.

avoid toxins exposure at household

Below given are some measures to avoid the exposure of toxins at home:

Carefully use Sealants in Driveways

You should avoid anything related to coal tar in the driveways as they contain aggressive toxic compounds which are extremely harmful. When water hits these chemicals they fly in the home and pollute the water supply. Best way is to use materials which are porous in nature so that the rain water can sink inside and do not pollute the water supply of home.

Use Normal Soaps than Special Antibacterial Hand Wash

Excessive use of anything is bad for health. Anti bacterial soaps when used in excessive quantities can be harmful for health as they contain harsh chemicals like triclosan which affect the thyroid glands of humans and also endanger the aquatic life. Better option is to use normal soaps.

Use Homemade Vinegar Solution

The old and cheap cleaning method of vinegar solution should be used everywhere for cleaning the house. This is the best solution to clean floors, walls, tiles, bathroom glasses, tubs, sinks, kitchen platforms etc. The present day cleaners contain lot of toxins which spreads as a layer over the walls as well as floors. Coming into contact with these toxins can be really harmful for health. Thus use of vinegar solution is a better option for various cleanings needs of the home.

Minimize Use of Pesticides and Insecticides

Another way to check and reduce toxin exposure at home is to minimize the use of pesticides and insecticides for your garden as well as home plants.  Most of such products are full of toxins which can be very bad for our health.  They can cause skin conditions, respiratory problems and other types of allergies and must be avoided as much as possible.

Avoid using Artificial Home Fresheners

Another way through which you can minimize toxins at home is to avoid using artificial home fresheners as they spread a stream of toxins into the air and these toxins enter our system through the air that we breathe.

Establish a no Shoe Policy at Home

Make sure no one enters your house wearing footwear and everyone is asked to leave their shoes on the door or outside the home. If possible, provide your guests with clean and fresh pair of slippers.

Besides the above given, also avoid any other product which contains toxic material or ingredients.


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