Top 4 Tips to go Green with Your Laundry

Top 4 Tips to go Green with Your Laundry

Going green implies saving on the natural resources and reducing wastage to a negligible or a minimal level while conserving electricity and energy. People have been going green in kitchens, in gardening, in their houses and the latest trend in the series is going green in the laundry room.  Tweaking a few things and making a few minor changes can make a huge impact helping one go green with laundry.

Here are a few tips to go green with your laundry. These tips will surely help you out in playing the green card in your laundry room. And not to worry these are just minor tips; nothing huge that involves you spending large amounts of money.

Top 4 Tips to go Green with Your Laundry

It is Always Smart to Run Full Loads

One of the smartest ways to go green when doing laundry is to run full loads. On an average a machine uses about 40 gallon water in every load. In the hope to conserve water and go green then, an individual must make full use of the single load. If the clothes in the laundry are less in quantity then it is better to wait a few more days till you have sufficient clothes.

Did you Know of Green Detergents and Soaps

Yes! There is such thing as green detergents and washing soaps. So for all those who wish to go green in the laundry room, the next tip is to use green detergents. This is because; most of the conventional detergents used are made of ingredients that are not good for humans, for the clothes and for the whole ecosystem. The negative impact on the ecosystem comes from the phosphates in the detergents that result in algal blooms in the nature.

Green detergents and soaps on the other hand, are made of biodegradable components and are also phosphate free. They are good for the nature and for the nature dwellers as well.

Do not Leave the Clothes in the Washer

One common mistake made by people who are busy or get distracted easy is leaving the load in the machine. Leaving the load in the washer and forgetting about it leads to the development of a stench in the clothes. And to get rid of the stench, people end up running the load again. This causes wastage of electricity and water both. Hence make sure to always empty the load as soon as it is done.

Neglect the Dryers and Rely on Nature

Most dryers work by use of electricity or gas to keep the laundry tumbling and to heat up the air inside till it becomes hot enough to dry off the clothes. Is it worth it to use resources like electricity and gas on the dryer when the job can be done naturally by the hand of Mother Nature? It is still okay to dry delicate clothes, permanent press blends and nylon fabrics; but for most other clothes, it is best to hang them outside on the line to dry.


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