5 Tips on How to Save Paper at Home and Office

tips on how to save paper at home and office

It is a known fact that paper is made from extractions of the tree barks. Conserving paper and making judicious use of paper is hence important for the global environment. People use paper in all the parts and segments of their lives but saving paper is easy with few changes.

The spaces in life where an individual can exercise major control over the amount of paper used or at least judicial use of it are: office and home space. These are thus the places to begin when looking for paper conservation.

Below given are some tips to save the precious paper at home as well as office:

tips on how to save paper at home and office

1. Go Digital

This is the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks about saving paper. And it is also the most widely used/ supported mode of paper conservation all around the globe. Millions of professionals, offices and individuals have gone digital in their bid to save paper and have made a global impact.

Going digital includes adoption of methods such as using emails, texts etc to convey individual or group notification at office/ personal messages at home. Instead of distributing hard copies of presentations, reports or such other data, send soft copies to conserve paper. Also instead of getting hard- print magazines individual can opt for electronic versions of both magazines as well as books.

2. Think Before you Print

Never print before you have thoroughly decided and sure that is not possible to go on with the task at hand without a print. Even so, print out only those papers or parts of the document that you want and not everything. A few extra minutes of copy pasting to save paper, will not harm anyone.

So, whenever it is possible to do without a printed version, go for soft copies. Also if you think it is absolutely essential for you to get a print of certain papers/ documents, make sure to preview what you are about to print. This helps in minimizing any mistakes and eliminates the need for a second print.

3. Make Use of all Sides of the Paper

There are two sides to every paper, then why not make use of both instead of getting one side printed and letting the other go to waste. When you get only one side printed you need an additional paper for every new print, which seems like a double waste. Hence get a duplex or a double side print, every single time.

4. Re-Cycled Paper/ Re-Usable Paper

Always try to use the re-cycle or the reusable papers for various tasks at home and office.

5. Reusable Products Instead of Paper

Another way to save paper is to replace it completely with reusable substitutes. For example replacing paper towels and paper cleaning products with reusable products like sponges etc. will lead to paper conservation. Also avoiding the use of disposable paper plates and other such products is a good way to start and then go on with saving paper.


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