Eco- Friendly Garden Furniture: 6 Best Sources

eco- friendly garden furniture

For those who love to enjoy the cool and the reveling weather of their region out in the open, having a garden is a necessity and a luxury at the same time. But merely having a good garden is not enough. The garden should have appropriate kind and design of furniture which lets one take full advantage of the garden area. Going for eco- friendly garden furniture in this case is a way to keep in the spirit of nature and greenery.

For those who are looking for eco- friendly furniture can choose any of the below mentioned 6 best sources of eco- friendly garden furniture:

eco- friendly garden furniture1. Teak

When looking for garden furniture or furniture to be kept in outdoor, open spaces one characteristic of importance is the hard-wearing ability of it. Teak is one of the most hard- wearing materials whose texture also ages really well. Teak is an extremely popular material for producing furniture targeting both the affordable furniture market as well as products targeting luxury market.

2. Oak

Oak as a wood or material for furniture is suitable since it is naturally resistant to normal decay and is also strong. These basic characteristics of the material make it one of those eco- friendly materials that need little maintenance effort in the course of their life. The different kinds of oak have their own additional advantages and most of them make for beautiful furniture in the outdoor.

3. Reclaimed Teak

Another very good option is to use reclaimed teak whenever possible. Many garden furniture designers, decorators and customers believe that the reduction that comes naturally to wood in the process of deforestation etc. adds an additional layer to the furniture. Many prefer furniture made of reclaimed teak.

4. Recycled Plastic

Also known in some circles as HDPE- high density polyethylene is a good and widely used material for the production of garden furniture. There are many qualities to recycled plastic that make an appropriate and eco friendly option for garden furniture. To begin with, the furniture is water resistant, it requires low maintenance efforts and there are no possibilities of rotting as against wood furniture. Also recycled plastic is durable, it won’t crack or splinter. It is hence of the best options for all weather types and for all regions.

5. Metal

Using metals in the production of furniture for outdoor spaces like garden is a good alternative. One can say that metals do not exist in abundant quantities but they are more suitable for recycling. The most common and suitable metals are cast iron, steel, wrought iron and aluminum. All these metals are suitably hard- wearing and resistant. Though aluminum is the most resistant to most weathers and is also the lightest of all those mentioned above.

6. Stone & Concrete

Another durable and eco- friendly option for making garden furniture is the use of stone and concrete. The manufacturing of peculiarly designed stone and concrete furniture may be a bit troublesome but they are still widely popular and preferred in many settings of gardens.


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