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tips on how to save paper at home and office

5 Tips on How to Save Paper at Home and Office

It is a known fact that paper is made from extractions of the tree barks. Conserving paper and making judicious use of paper is hence important for the global environment. People use paper in all the parts and segments of their lives but saving paper is easy with few changes. The spaces in life where […]

tips to go green with your laundry

Top 4 Tips to go Green with Your Laundry

Going green implies saving on the natural resources and reducing wastage to a negligible or a minimal level while conserving electricity and energy. People have been going green in kitchens, in gardening, in their houses and the latest trend in the series is going green in the laundry room.  Tweaking a few things and making […]

great green alternative to sunscreen

Six Great Green Alternative to Sunscreen

Most of us know that using sunscreen is essential for protection against the damaging effects of the sun, i.e. to help prevent any sunburn to the skin and the eventual effect of premature aging due to sun exposure. It is also widely accepted that sunscreens reduce the risk to skin cancer. But there are certain […]

eco- friendly garden furniture

Eco- Friendly Garden Furniture: 6 Best Sources

For those who love to enjoy the cool and the reveling weather of their region out in the open, having a garden is a necessity and a luxury at the same time. But merely having a good garden is not enough. The garden should have appropriate kind and design of furniture which lets one take […]

avoid toxins exposure at household

Ways to Avoid Toxins Exposure at Household

Our houses are exposed to thousands of toxins on a daily basis. There are many toxins which we are not even aware of and these can be very harmful for our health. New and fancy products being excessively used today are the roots for majority of these toxins present around us and the results are […]