Top 4 Most Common Misconceptions About Global Warming

common misconceptions about global warming

All of us know that our world is experiencing a phenomenon known as global warming.  Global warming is basically the term used to refer to the increase of the average surface temperature of earth due to emission of greenhouses gases.  We all know that global warming is bad for us and also know that deforestation is one of the major reasons for it along with many others.

But there are some misconceptions too that we tend to hand about this concept. In order to help you understand the real truth and dispel the myths, we have come up with some of the most common misconceptions global warming:

common misconceptions about global warming

Myth 1: We Must not Single Out CO2 as One of the Reasons for Global Warming

Fact: This is one of the most common myths or misconceptions associated with the concept of global warming. People think that many things affect the climate and singling out CO2 as the main culprit is wrong. While it is true that many things have led to this continuous and ever increasing phenomenon but CO2 is definitely one of the main reasons for it and we all should surely be worried about it.  Besides CO2 we must also be worried about the amount of greenhouses gases emitted into the environment.

Myth 2: The Changes in Climate are just Natural and Nothing to Worry about

Fact: Many people across the world consider this change in climate to be a natural change and something about which we shouldn’t be worried. But in reality, this is not a natural change and is being caused by us humans.  Scientistshave been studying the changes for a long time now and according to them, it is due to the way we live and the activities we do on earth that the climate is slowly changing.  It is us who are releasing the CO2 in the environment along with other greenhouses gases.

Myth 3: The Hole in the Ozone Layer Causes Global Warming

Fact: Yes, there is a relationship between the ozone layer and climate change but it is just a misconception that the hole in the ozone layer is causing global warming.  The ozone layers forms part of the upper layer of atmosphere which has high amounts of the ozone gases and protects us from sun’s harmful radiations. But the hole has been created by manmade chemicals which are known as CFCs.  The only thing the hole does is that it lets more UV radiations reach us but does not cause global warming.

Myth 4: It’s too Late to do Anything about Climate Change

Fact: Another misconception surrounding the concept of global warming is that there is nothing we can do about it since it is already very late.  On the other hand, there are many things we can do and must start right now. We can start off by little efforts in our day to day lives and if everyone starts doing so, the impact will be great. From going green to using solar energy and from saving water to avoiding deforestation-there’s a lot that we can do.


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