The Best Recycling Tips at School

recycling tips at school

Recycling is one of the best activities a citizen can do. Recycling is not just a concept which big companies or organizations have to follow but is something which can even be done at schools. Both teachers and students can be involved in school recycling programs and these programs can benefit the environment in a big way.

These programs also help the students to learn about the benefits and advantages of recycling as well. The following are some of the best ways to do recycling at school:

recycling tips at school

Paper Recycling

Paper is the main type of waste that is produced in schools on an everyday basis.  You can start off its recycling by getting a paper recycling bin in your school.  Ask students to put in only paper waste in such bins and also clearly label these bins.  Inform students about the importance of recycling paper and make sure everyone actively takes part in this activity.

Metal Recycling

Another form of recycling that can be done at school or at any other form of educational institution is metal recycling.  Metal recycling can be done at a school which has vending machines for soda cans and other types of metal cans.  For this too, you will need a metal recycling bin at school for which you will need to contact the local council or authorities.  You must make sure that the bins are placed near the vending machines and they have a clear and bright label on them.  Tell students about the importance of recycling metal and make sure they know that you have the metal recycling facility at school.

Composting Scheme

Another way to recycle at school is to consider having a composting scheme.  You can ask the local council to provide you with a compost bin which can be used to add items such as coffee granules, tea bags, vegetable scraps, fruit scraps and other such things.  Most of the times, compost bins can be availed free of cost but in some cases, you might have to pay for them.  Place the compost bin near the canteen or cafeteria and inform students about the importance of compost recycling.

Start a Recycling Club

Another way to involve students and teachers in recycling at school is to start recycling club and invite everyone interested in this initiative. When the group is formed, engage yourself in activities like role plays and street plays depicting the importance of recycling.  Make charts and posters inviting people to participate in recycling and making contributions. Welcome more and new ideas for this initiative and take active part in spreading information about the importance of recycling.

Collect Reusable

Sometimes, we tend to throw away a lot of things which can actually be used again. It is important to collect such things like notebooks, books, pens, papers etc. and use them in an intelligent way. To recycle or reuse at school, you can ask students to give all reusable things possible so that waste can be reduced.


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