The Various Pros and Cons of Wind Energy

pros and cons of wind energy

Wind energy is one of the fastest growing sources of energy on the planet and helps us produce a large percentage of our electricity. It helps to reduce our dependence upon other depleting sources of energy such as fossil fuels, oil, coal and gas and has a very bright future.

We cannot decipher the extent to which wind energy will be utilized in the future as it is definitely an important source which is being worked upon. But like any other thing, there are both pros and cons of wind energy which one must be aware of. The following is a list of the various positives as well as negatives of this form of energy:

pros and cons of wind energy

Pros of Wind Energy

Renewable Source

One of the positives associated with wind energy is the fact that it is a renewable source and is a free source. This means that we can never run out of wind and therefore wind energy.  Moreover since it is cheap, it has the potential of becoming a major source.

Clean Source

Another benefit of this energy source is that it is clean. Unlike oil and coal which produce a lot of waste and side products, wind does not cause any kind of pollution.

Cost Effective

Another major positive associated with wind energy is the fact that it is a cost effective source of energy. This means that a person doesn’t have to own a wind turbine to gain benefits of this source and all you need to do is to buy power derived from it at a decent rate.

Uses Modern Technology

Wind energy is harnessed and created in wind turbines which make use of modern technology to function. The modern day models of wind turbine are simple, effective and sophisticated and do not look clunky or rustic.  They can be built on existing farms and look slick and attractive.

Cons of Wind Energy

Reliability on Wind

One of the negative points about wind energy is that it depends a lot and only upon wind. In most areas of wind farms, wind may blow a lot but there is no guarantee of how long it will blow and at what velocity. If the weather doesn’t support, little energy will be harnessed and there is no way to eliminate this reliability.

Expensive to Set Up

Another negative point about wind energy is that wind farms and turbines are very expensive to set up. They may be running on a free natural resource but the machinery, tools and other things needed can be very expensive.

Suitable only for a Few Regions

A wind farm or turbine cannot be set in just about any area and there are a limited number of options for this. This is because the wind velocity is not high everywhere.

Noise Pollution

Wind turbines tend to create a lot of noise in the areas where they are set up and this can be a cause of disturbance for people living in those areas.


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