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negative effects of palm oil on our environment

Negative Effects of Palm Oil on Our Environment

Produced from the fruit of oil palm tree, palm oil is a kind of an edible vegetable oil which is grown in Asia, Africa, North America and South America.  Besides its use as cooking oil, palm oil is also used for personal care products, commercial foods as well as a biofuel. Despite its benefits and […]

pros and cons of wind energy

The Various Pros and Cons of Wind Energy

Wind energy is one of the fastest growing sources of energy on the planet and helps us produce a large percentage of our electricity. It helps to reduce our dependence upon other depleting sources of energy such as fossil fuels, oil, coal and gas and has a very bright future. We cannot decipher the extent […]

recycling tips at school

The Best Recycling Tips at School

Recycling is one of the best activities a citizen can do. Recycling is not just a concept which big companies or organizations have to follow but is something which can even be done at schools. Both teachers and students can be involved in school recycling programs and these programs can benefit the environment in a […]

common misconceptions about global warming

Top 4 Most Common Misconceptions About Global Warming

All of us know that our world is experiencing a phenomenon known as global warming.  Global warming is basically the term used to refer to the increase of the average surface temperature of earth due to emission of greenhouses gases.  We all know that global warming is bad for us and also know that deforestation […]

all you need to know about cloud seeding

All you Need to Know about Cloud Seeding

Cloud seeding is a process or a technique which creates clouds and then leads to rain.  This process works well in those conditions where there are clouds that constitute of water droplets at a temperature which is below the temperature of the freezing point of water. What happens is that nuclei particles are artificially introduced […]