Tidal Energy and a List of its Most Important Benefits

tidal energy and a list of its most important benefits

The waves that are caused due to the gravitational pull of the moon as well as the sun are known as tidal.  The rise of the tidal is known as high tides and the falls of the tidal are known as low tides. The process of rising and falling of waves takes place two times every day and can cause a great deal of movement in the water.

This movement is so strong that the energy can be harnessed and used in many forms.  For this purpose, tidal dams are built in many areas around the world. There are many different types of benefits of tidal energy and the following is a list of the main ones:

tidal energy and a list of its most important benefitsBenefits of Tidal Energy

Inexhaustible Source of Energy

The first and the main benefit of tidal energy is that it is an inexhaustible source of energy. Since this energy is harnessed through a phenomenon of nature, it is can be totally exhausted and is available to us in an endless supply.  Thus we never have to worry about its depletion.

No Fuel Requirement

Another major benefit or advantage of tidal energy is that unlike many other energy sources, it doesn’t require the help of a fuel to run.  This means that no extra cost of fuel has to be spent to make it a practical source of energy in itself and this also saves the fuel consumption.

Environmental Friendly Source of Energy

Another important benefit of tidal energy and using it is that it is an environment friendly source of energy.  Unlike several other sources of energy, this energy form does not emit any harmful gases, waste products and greenhouses gases into the air or environment. Thus it is a clean and nature friendly source.

Large Scale Scope

Since water covers 71% of the earth, the scope to produce this energy is on a very massive scale. Even if some of the other sources of energy get depleted or exhausted in the future, this source of energy will remain and would be still available to us at large.

Maintenance Cost is Low

Another superb advantage of tidal energy is that its maintenance cost is very low. Eventhough the cost of setting up a tidal energy plant may be high, once installed, the plant doesn’t ask for a huge cost or spending. It is relatively easier and cheaper to maintain than many other sources of energy in the world.

Better Efficiency

The efficiency of tidal power or energy is much higher and greater than power efficiency of many other sources like wind energy, coal energy and solar energy. The efficiency of this energy is about 80% which makes this source a tremendous source with promising benefits.

Life of Power Plant is Long

Once installed and set up, the life of a tidal power plant is very long.  A power plant of this type can go on without damages or problems for many years and even decades.


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