Connection of Meat Consumption to Global Warming

connection of meat consumption to global warming

In the present day, global warming is actually humankind’s “greatest challenge”. This grave environmental threat is gradually increasing the average temperature of our planet Earth’s atmosphere also its oceans, which is permanently changing the climate of Earth and making it hotter day by day.

The consciousness about global warming is long into practice and most of the nations have adopted many eco friendly methods to reduce the effects of global warming, some of them are making use of fuel-efficient vehicles and using light bulbs that are energy-saving. These measures have shown significant improvement but one more method is evolving as an exce3llent way to restrict the global warming effects. Going vegetarian is the path! Yes, meat consumption is directly said to affect global warming.

connection of meat consumption to global warming

Why is it so?

Studies by the Worldwatch Institute have proved that around 51% of greenhouse-gas emissions all over the world are because of animal agriculture. An authentic United Nations report have also concluded that vegan diet is an extremely vital step to be taken to combat the most terrible effects of climate change – this is mainly because of the gases methane, carbon dioxide, and nitrous oxide. To raise animals for the food industry, these three gases emissions occur in huge volumes. If you can even cut down meat from your diet from 2 days in a week, the step would be significant to combat global warming.

Carbon Dioxide

When the fossil fuels are burned like the gasoline and oil, it starts releasing carbon dioxide as the primary gas. To extract one calorie from the animal proteins, you will need around 11 times input of fossil fuel that means it releases around the same amount of carbon dioxide. This risk is not applicable when you are producing calories from the plant proteins.

The basic process of acquiring meat is feeding huge bags of grain as well as water to the cattle and then killing them so as to process, transport and store their flesh. This entire process consumes lot of energy. For the cattle to breed and grow, vast land zones are being vacated of trees and forests this is again leading to release of carbon dioxide gas stored in the trees. Furthermore, animal manure also emits significant amounts of carbon dioxide.


When the meat sources like pigs, cows, chickens, and turkeys are stuffed in for storage in the factory outlets, large quantity of methane gas is produced due to their digestion process and the large acres of faeces pools they excrete. The scientific studies have concluded that the effect of methane gas is 84 times more powerful than carbon dioxide as it traps down the heat from our atmosphere. It is again proved that agriculture related to animals is one of the largest source and reason of methane emissions.

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide is probably the most dangerous gas that is leading to global warming as its effects are over 300 times more negative than carbon dioxide. The industries dealing with eggs, meat and dairy products, accounts for 65 percent of emissions of nitrous oxide worldwide.

Reading the above ways on how meat consumption is increasing the risk factors of living on earth, it is time that you should start doing your bit of helping the world from global warming. Going vegan is undoubtedly one of the healthiest options both for you and the environment.

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