Effective and Motivating Recycling Tips for Office Spaces

recycling tips for office spaces

In today’s fast paced competitive business atmosphere, while ensuring efficient processing and fast delivery, significant amounts of resources like energy and materials are utilised. Consequently equal amounts of waste are also generated in this process which will affect our environment adversely. Hence it is significant to use valuable efforts to preserve various resources at work places.

recycling tips for office spaces

Given below are some important recycling tips at offices:

Begin with Yourself

It is best to start your recycling efforts with yourself individually till you know how to recycle effectively. You can be a role model to others while recycling valuable resources like energy and paper in the workplace.

Awareness of What to Recycle

It is key to know what to recycle in the office and based on the nature of work you can find diverse recyclable means. While giving importance to great value waste like printer cartridges and aluminium cans, you need to concentrate on the large quantity of paper waste as well.

Following are some of the items that can be recycled in offices:

Paper Waste

Make it a habit to utilise both sides of the paper while using note pads. Paper waste can be reduced a great extent by following these: try to limit letters and memos to one page; reduce the use of sticky notes and printing papers; make a habit of reusing the other side of old drafts, printed papers, rough notes, scratch pads etc.

Save Paper by Efficient Filing System

Try to use a central filing system in place of many personal files and recycle old cardboard boxes to keep old files, magazines or reuse it as scrap paper storage.

Reduce the use of Envelopes and Memos

Avoid using envelopes with cellophane windows and utilise two-way envelopes whenever possible. Reuse the envelopes used for internal office correspondence and instead of sending personal memos, try to post it or put it in the bulletin board. Try to reduce written communication and use telephone or mail conversation for official purposes.

Effective Usage of Printer and Photo Copier

Always take double sided copies from copier and train the staff to use the device effectively, so that no paper will be wasted. Make correction and revision in the soft copy and distribute cds or usbs for analyses in place of paper drafted copies.

Use Electronic Devices in Place of Paper

Avoid using the facsimiles that require paper and store documents in CDs or microchips instead of paper filing. Try to use the email facility effectively for official communication and information exchange.

Recycle used Paper

Make use of an individual container as a recycle tray for each employ to collect used papers. Try to use reusable bags or containers for this purpose and try to source office envelopes and paper with post-recycled material. Make a habit of donating journals, magazines and other useful books to school libraries or nursing homes. Make sure that all the office paper is recycled effectively with the usage of distinguishable containers for storing them.

Recycling of our valuable resources including paper is the least we can do, to protect our planet earth from global warming and other environmental hazards. You can also recycle unwanted cardboard boxes in offices that are the packaging boxes for printing paper, or any office stationary and computers; old computers can be recycled, old company cell phones and printer toner cartridges are also used for recycling these days.


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