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pros and cons using biofuels

The Important Pros and Cons Using Biofuels

The fuels derived from agricultural crops and plants are known as biofuels. Bioethanol and biodiesel are the most frequently extracted and used fuels among biofuels. These fuels are generated from inherently renewable resources, which can grow anywhere and they release much less carbon in comparison with fossil fuels. Biofuels are gaining popularity due to the […]


Design your House with Style and Efficiency

Home is not about stylish interiors and expensive accessories; it is a blend of comfort, style and elegance. It does not matter if your home is small or big, but making the best use of the space while giving way to classiness is something that needs to be considered. Home furniture design companies are coming […]

recycling tips for office spaces

Effective and Motivating Recycling Tips for Office Spaces

In today’s fast paced competitive business atmosphere, while ensuring efficient processing and fast delivery, significant amounts of resources like energy and materials are utilised. Consequently equal amounts of waste are also generated in this process which will affect our environment adversely. Hence it is significant to use valuable efforts to preserve various resources at work […]

common global warming myths

Common Global Warming Myths Versus the Facts

There are plenty of discussions and debates happening everywhere regarding the global weather conditions getting rapidly changed. Global warming is one of the most threatening issues that planet earth is facing in the recent decades. Although scientists across the world have come up with the real reasons for the global warming around our atmosphere, there […]

benefits of green cloud computing

Benefits of Green Cloud Computing

Green cloud computing is a trend which has become popular with the emergence of internet driven services in every field of life. It refers to the prospective environmental advantages that computer based internet services can guarantee to the environment, by processing huge amount of data and information from collective resources pool. The cloud computing is […]

green interior decor tips and ideas

8 Green Interior Decor Tips and Ideas

Green living and eco friendly ideas are in vogue these days and people of all countries are giving emphasis on every possibility to adopt a “green living”. Using environmentally friendly products in our daily lives and adopting eco-friendly style, designs, and home decor is definitely a great help towards nature and even your well being. […]