How to Save Water in a Large Office

how to save water in a large office

It is common knowledge that about 71% of the earth’s surface is water. But we as humans do not have access to all of it for our day to day purposes. Only 2.5% of the total water is freshwater (i.e. water fit for human use) of which only 1% is accessible. This makes water one of most essential and the scarcest resources in the world. We hence need to employ all the techniques we can to save water and eliminate wastage. One source of such wastage is office buildings, most of which rely on multiple water resources. Specific focus can thus be laid on saving water in large offices.

Here is a list of ways in which large office space use water. And also followed in the points are the methods that can be employed to conserve as much water as possible. Look at the list and find out the way you can save water in your office space.

how to save water in a large office

The Toilets

There is a lot of scope of undue water wastage in the washrooms in large office spaces. One way to conserve water in the washrooms is by installing dual flush toilets, or the automatic taps and urinals, and other water efficient fixtures. The automatic taps eliminate the possibility of an employee being irresponsible and leaving water tap on. Using such methods in the washrooms is one of the most efficient ways to save water in large office buildings/ spaces.

Constant Monitoring and Efficient Repairs

Since there is an increased possibility of wastage in large office spaces because of the size, it is important to have a good and efficient janitorial staff. The staff should be given strict instructions about monitoring for any leakages and broken parts in the water systems all through the office. There must also be efficient repairing mechanism in place.


A lot of large office spaces have beautiful and huge landscapes. They also require these landscapes to look lush green all the time for presentation purposes. In doing so a lot of water wastage occurs in the offices. To avoid this situation and to save water it is beneficial if the landscapes are designed in a water smart way. Designs can make a huge difference, which is why a professional must be hired to do the job. It is also important that the irrigation be done in a systematic and planned way.

Grey Water Use

Another very smart and inventive way to save water in large office spaces is by reclaiming the grey water. Grey water is the water left after use in washing, laundry, dishes etc. It excludes toilet waste water and garbage residue water. The grey water can be reclaimed by either re-filtering it, or using it for purposes like toilet flushing, site irrigation and condenser water etc. There is need for smart planning to successfully implement this approach.

The Cooling Towers

One of the major sources which lead to lot of water loss in office spaces is the use of cooling towers. To save water it the offices must employ water efficiently designed towers.


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