Go Green With your Home with These Top 7 Green Products

go green with your home with these top 7 green products

Go Green is a common and popular mantra these days.  A lot of campaigns, organizations and people urge us to switch to green products, utilities and practices. But what exactly are green products? Well, Green products are those products which are earth friendly, or also called eco- friendly. In other words, these are those counter parts of regular products which cause less or no damage to the environment.

The environment today is deteriorating very fast due to the negligence humans have been showing towards it. Due to our habits, practices, lifestyles and needs, we continue harming the environment, sometimes knowingly and sometimes unknowingly.

But there has been a surge in number of individuals addressing their responsibility towards the environment. One way to meet the responsibility is employing green products in your home.  The following are the top 7 green products you can use at home:

go green with your home with these top 7 green products

Compact Florescent Lights

Also known as CFLs for short, these energy star rated little lights can do wonders for the environment and energy conservation. According to some stats by the Energy star segment of the govt., if every household in the US replaced one bulb with CFLs, it could save more than $600 million of annual energy costs.

Solar Power

Harness the solar power in your homes and make it environment friendly. There many ways that solar power can be used around a house. All these solutions reduce carbon print on the environment. Some of the solar solutions include items like solar candles, solar water heaters, and solar lights. All these products are meant to help around the house and using just the power of the sunlight. And these are just to name a few.

Biodegradable Pots for the Garden

Make your green garden even more eco friendly, by using biodegradable pots in it.


There many environment friendly flooring options out there these days. Then why not choose one those eco-friendly yet stunning options over the non- green floorings. So go for the eco- friendly options like cork flooring, linoleum flooring, and bamboo flooring etc.

Use Energy Star Rated Appliances

The appliances which have been given a good energy star rating are inherently built to save energy. The products in the category have technological grounds of using lesser water and energy levels as compared to other products. These products can thus be labelled green products and must be used by all.

Recycled Materials/ Sustainable Building Materials

Whenever building a home using sustainable building materials is one of the most eco-friendly ways to go. Make sure you use green i.e. eco friendly products wherever possible. For example when placing a kitchen top, use one made of recycled materials, use sustainably harvested wood etc.

Green Windows

Energy efficient windows or a green window is another product that environmentally conscious people can use in their homes. Windows that minimise heat loss or gain (in reference to the weather outside) can make a major impact on the energy consumption and energy billing of a household.


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