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how to save water in a large office

How to Save Water in a Large Office

It is common knowledge that about 71% of the earth’s surface is water. But we as humans do not have access to all of it for our day to day purposes. Only 2.5% of the total water is freshwater (i.e. water fit for human use) of which only 1% is accessible. This makes water one […]

amazing organic fashion and beauty tips

5 Amazing Organic Fashion and Beauty Tips

Using organic methods, modes and products has gained a lot of importance in the recent years. The markets today are flooded with organic food products, organic baby products and organic beauty products etc. A part of the trend is organic fashion and beauty measure. Organic fashion is the term coined to refer to those clothes […]

go green with your home with these top 7 green products

Go Green With your Home with These Top 7 Green Products

Go Green is a common and popular mantra these days.  A lot of campaigns, organizations and people urge us to switch to green products, utilities and practices. But what exactly are green products? Well, Green products are those products which are earth friendly, or also called eco- friendly. In other words, these are those counter […]

set up a recycling project at a college

How To Set Up A Recycling Project At A College: 7 Guiding Tips

We live in a world where many essential resources are becoming scarce at a very fast rate. This rate is particularly faster than the rate at which the resources can be replenished. Recycling in such a situation is one of the most important resorts left to us. By recycling we eliminate the possibility of wasting […]

best tips for an eco-friendly family holiday

Best Tips for an Eco-Friendly Family Holiday

Family holidays and trips are always special. Not only is it the best way to bond with the family members and spend time with them but is also the time to collect memories for the future.  While we do all that we can to enjoy on a family holiday, special efforts must be made not […]