How to plan an eco friendly house?


Eco designs for homes and interiors are ruling the market of architecture – not only because it’s good for the environment but it also saves your wallet to a great extent. Using renewable resources, eco friendly houses assure you of saving energy and that can be done in real simple ways. The products used for eco friendly designs are easily available and also cost less. Here are some great ideas to plan out your eco friendly house –

  1. Green roofing materials – The ceiling or roof of a house is the first thing that comes in consideration while planning a house. Go for eco friendly roofing materials; these are available in the market with Energy Star-rated and made of materials that are recycled (of course that does not mean that it’s not durable). One of the most popular options is the ecological roof made of aluminium metal; it is naturally heat-resistant and can be continuously reused years after years.
  2. Eco friendly doors and windows – Typical homes lose approximately 30 percent heat and air condition climate control effects because the doors and windows are not properly designed. The front doors with glasses add light for sure, but it also lets the warmth and insulation to escape outside. Go for wooden doors without any glass settings and make sure it is eco-friendly wood, made from a recyclable material. It will surely serve as better energy-efficient material than others. Energy Star-qualified doors, windows, and skylights are available in the market for eco friendly homes.
  3. ‘Green’ slides – The show of a PVC vinyl siding is definitely more classy and stylish but it will not deliver the ‘eco friendly’ needs since it releases toxins and is also not reusable or biodegradable. Instead choose the sliding made of stucco, aluminium or wood.
  4. Heat and air-conditioning with renewable energy – One of the most popular green home ideas is to install solar panels instead of heaters as they reduce energy consumption and also produces energy for usage. Solar panels are also cheap. Natural gas can also be used for air conditioning. Buy the air condition equipment that has Energy Star label.
  5. Natural gas fireplaces – For green interiors, choose the natural gas fireplaces and detest the act of burning wood as that will lead to deforestation and also releases harmful toxins in the air and increases air pollution.
  6. Unique grass flooring – Grass flooring is one of the unique eco green home ideas and for this purpose, bamboo is becoming the most popular material for an ecological interior design. It is not only durable like the oak, but also sustainable as it’s actually a kind of grass. It grows quickly and can serve as a perfect flooring option instead of the hardwood ones.
  7. Use solar energy as “water heater” – You can buy energy efficient water heaters; the market also has tankless water heaters that operates on solar energy. The energy consumption can be cut down by 50% and the hot water would readily be available.
  8. Use natural paints – If you are following the ‘green’ path, then opt for paints that do not contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs). There are plenty options for natural paints that are made from plant oils, minerals and extracts. These are eco-friendly, safe and also durable. Check the label if its written low-VOC or zero-VOC paint when you are buying the paint for your home.
  9. Eco friendly plumbing – For underground pipes, you can choose clay and for the plumbing work above the ground you can choose galvanized steel, zinc or aluminium. Do not use plastics PVC as they contain toxic chemicals.
  10. Recyclable furniture – Select furniture for your green home made from teak, rattan, bamboo, and recycled wood. The bedding and upholstery can also get the organic touch if they are made of organic cotton, hemp and recycled polyester.


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