Top 4 Greenest countries in the world


The method that qualifies and numerically marks the environmental performance policies of a state is known as Environmental Performance Index (EPI). It evaluates of how well a country is performing on high-priority environmental issues. It mainly focuses on protecting human health and ecosystems from environmental. EPI have recently ranked 163 countries based on national and governmental surveys. This system has made it easy to identify how the countries should be ranked against each other as the most “greenest” countries. Below given is the list of the top 4 greenest countries in the world:

Iceland on Rank 1 with 93.5 EPI score – Iceland is said to be the greenest country in the world and is just 6.5 points from the total score.  Apart from the magnificent scenic beauty, Iceland stands as an example as their people have made remarkable progress in executing the ‘green’ advancements of science. For the generation of energy, geothermal is widely used and the heating process is mainly done with the use of hydrogen. Thus, the country predominantly (more than 82%) uses renewable energy sources – geothermal and hydrogen. It’s working further to become 100% green energy efficient. They have strict policies in every sector in regards to recycling, usage of eco fuel, green products, minimal driving etc. The only two environmental concerns of Iceland are water pollution due to pesticides and fertilizers and inadequate wastewater sewage.

Switzerland on Rank 2 with 89.1 score – This country with prosperous economical condition and well developed service sector (especially with banking units) have been ranked as the second most greenest country in the world with 89.1 EPI. Switzerland is probably the cleanest country even if the long standing tradition is considered. The colonies and societies in this country give a strong focus on making their living ‘green’; they use renewable energy and a variety of eco friendly products and is successfully maintaining a clean environment. You will be levied fees if you dispose trash anywhere; moreover people seldom use cars and the prime mode of transportation is bicycling and walking.  The only constraints towards getting the first rank in EPI are its poor grades for vehicle emitted air pollution and open air burning.  Biodiversity and forestry marking for this country was 100%.

Costa Rica on Rank 3 with 86.4 EPI score – Costa Rica, a small country has performed remarkably well in the ‘eco living’ aspects. They have implemented strict environmental sound policies to ban any kind of sound pollution. Renewable energy sources are used for power generation. The government of Costa Rican have set a goal to become carbon neutral by 2021. Reforestation is taking place and already over 5 million trees are planted in last five years. The main issues that go against its “eco green” stature are air pollution and water sanitation. However it ranked quit high in the remaining categories.

Sweden on Rank 4 with 86 EPI – Sweden has been a pioneer in conserving the environment. They use eco friendly products and the government is advancing on the policies of phasing out the usage of fossil fuels by 2020. Sweden has also considerably increased and protected their forest cover. They have also taken green strategies to wade away the effects of global warming. Apart from air pollution, Sweden apparently does not have any anti ‘green’ issues.


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