Amazing Tips to make your Fireplace Eco Friendly

tips to make your fireplace eco friendly

We all love curling up in front of the fireplace but do you know that using or lighting up the fireplace can have many negative effects on our environment? The fireplace is not the most eco- friendly way to heat up the home but if you are still not willing to give up on those cozy days and nights in front of the fireplace, then you can opt for some eco- friendly ways to use it.

There are several ways in which you existing fireplace can be made ecofriendly and the following are a few of the most useful tips.

tips to make your fireplace eco friendly

  • The first and the most effective tips to have a fireplace but to keep it environment friendly is to install a wood stove or use a fireplace that has been made after the year 1992 in which the environmental protection agency made strict emission standards. Normal fireplaces or those made before this year tend to produce heat most of which goes out through the chimney.
  • Another way to make your fireplace as ecofriendly as possible is to get your stove and your chimney cleaned regularly. A black tar or flaky deposit called Creosote can build up in the chimney lining and tends to block the proper smoke exhaust and this can lead to increasing the risk of a chimney fire.
  • If you existing fireplace doesn’t have a catalyst installed, then you must get it installed now because a catalyst tends to reduce the emissions by burning the smoke so that it doesn’t go out through the chimney, unused. This is also another method of creating your fireplace into a more eco-friendly one.
  • Another useful tip is to burn hardwood instead of any other wood variety because the various varieties of hardwoods burn longer, cleaner and hotter than softwoods.
  • If you use a pellet stove at your home, then it is a really good idea to burn pellets in them because these are highly efficient, burn little inexpensive fuel and also produce very little quantities of waste.
  • If you are interested in doing all that you can to not cause any harm to the environment through your fireplace, then you must ensure that you never burn any household garbage or any kind of cardboard in the fire. Some very harmful materials include plastic, foam and wrappers because they have chemicals that can cause damage to the environment when burnt and may also damage the device using which you burn wood.
  • One must never burn those wood varieties that are painted, coated or treated under any kind of pressure. These wood varieties release certain toxic chemicals and hence can be harmful to the eco system.
  • One must ensure that they never burn old, moldy, wet or diseased wood in the fireplace because doing so can also be harmful for the environment.
  • Another step that you can take to make your fireplace eco-friendly is to get a carbon monoxide detector. Such a product can save your life and also help you to save the environment.


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