10 Things you can do to Save Coral Reefs

things you can do to save coral reefs

Coral reefs are highly diverse underwater ecological systems which are held together closely by calcium carbonate systems that are secreted by corals. Coral reefs are built and developed by the little animals which are found underwater and contain few nutrients.

Most of the coral reefs are developed by stony corals that are comprised of polyps which group together in clusters. Over the past decades wrong human activities have been damaging and harming coral reefs which are actually important to humans and the natural ecosystem in many ways. Thus it is very important to save coral reefs and the following are a few ways this can be done:

things you can do to save coral reefs

  1. One of the first things that we can do is to support the reef friendly businesses and the best way to do so is to ask dive shops, boating stores, tour operators and other coastal businesses about the ways in which we can be of help.
  2. Another step that we can take is to not use pesticides and insecticides which are enhanced by chemicals. Wherever you live, your use of chemicals are ultimately washed away in the oceans and affect the coral reefs.
  3. In order to do your bit in saving the coral reefs, another step that you can take is to never pollute the environment. We must never put garbage and other forms of waste in the water. Also, we must never leave trash on the beach.
  4. You can also always report any illegal dumping activities if you spot them because environmental enforcement agencies can’t be everywhere and may need your active involvement.
  5. If you like to dive, then make sure that you only look at the reefs and never touch them because your touch or contact can damage the delicate coral animals. You must also stay away from the bottom of the water body because you may stir up the sediment and get settled on the coral reefs.
  6. Another step that you can take in order to save the coral reefs is to recycle. Recycle anything and everything so as to make your little contribution to the environment.
  7. The less water we use the less of it will runoff and will find its way back to the oceans. So make sure you conserve as much water as you can.
  8. You can also volunteer for a coral relief camp where you can participate in the ocean cleaning program as your small help will make a huge difference to the environment.
  9. Being an informed consumer is also a way in which you can be of help as far as saving coral reefs is concerned. Make sure you read the back of labels to see which products have been made in a way that doesn’t harm the coral reefs. If you buy a coral, make sure it wasn’t sold or harvested illegally.
  10. You can also provide monetary support to conservation organizations. There are many such programs which help conservation of coral reefs and your help with take their efforts a long way.


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