How To Keep Your Car Cool Without AC

keep your car cool without AC

In the hot summer season, all you want is a strong AC throwing some cool air onto your sweating face. But what if you are travelling in your car and the AC breaks down? Well before it starts getting more miserable than it already is, you must think of solutions that can keep your car cool even without the AC.

Afterall using Air conditioners is pretty harmful for the environment as well as it makes your car use more fuel and also releases more chemicals and pollution into the environment. If you are totally unaware of any of these solutions, then the following given tips will help you out:

keep your car cool without AC

Hang a Wet Cloth over the Middle Vent in the Car

This is a great solution to replace the AC in the hot summer season. Hanging a wet cloth over the middle vent in the car can make your car a little bit cooler. You can also have a few wet rags to replace the cloth because it is likely to get dry very soon.

Add Some Ice on the Floorboards

Another way to keep your car cool when the AC is not working or when the heat is a little too much to bear is to add a block of ice on the floorboards under a vent. This will help to cool the entire car. To avoid water leakage in the car, you can use a baking tin or plastic pan to place the ice block. To keep the air flow going and cool air circulating, you can open a window a little bit.

Look for Shady Routes to Drive

While driving in the hot summer season without the presence of an AC in your car, you must do all that you can to lower down the car temperature. For this, one of the most effective solutions is to try to drive as much in the shade as possible. Try to keep your car under the line of trees on the side of the road as this can avoid sunlight from bothering you.

Roll Down the Windows

Well one of the most commonly used ways to keep the car cool without an AC is to roll down the windows and let some air flow inside. If there is too much noise outside or too much pollution, then you can try rolling down the rear side windows and not the window on your own side.

Install a Window Tinting

It is a great idea to install window tinting on all the glasses of the car so as to minimize the sun’s heat from entering the car. These window tints are reflective and can also avoid the harmful UVrays from damaging your skin and hair. In a lot of countries, window tinting is not allowed so avoid if your country’s laws don’t permit to do the same.

Install a Fan in the Car

There are many inexpensive volt fans available in the market that can be installed inside vehicles for some cool air on hot summer days when the AC is not working. These fans may not be as effective as air conditioners but will provide some relief.


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