The Top 10 Green Buildings in the World

park hotel in hyderabad

As the environment is getting depleted and the natural resources are getting exhausted, the world is trying to save the environment and its resources through its little efforts. While some people are conserving electricity, others are trying to use eco-friendly vehicles to conserve fuel.

While widespread conservation has still not been made into a reality, there are some people and organizations which have taken this important task to the next level and this has been done by creating eco-friendly or green buildings. These buildings are spread all over and the list of the top 10 green buildings is given below:

1. Robert Redford Building

robert redford buildingThis building in California is the headquarters of National Resources Defense council and makes use of cutting edge technology to produce energy efficient architecture and a superb green building design. This building has been rated with the highest possible level of sustainable design.

2. Bank of America Tower

bank of america towerThis building New York is the second most environmental friendly building in the world and consists of a 5.1 megawatt cogeneration system.

3. Council House 2

This building in Melbourne, Australia makes use of a gas fired micro turbine which has been placed in the roof plant room to generate electricity and has several other amazing green systems installed in it.

4. Adam Joseph Lewis center for environmental studies

adam joseph lewis center for environmental studiesThis building is located in Ohio and deserves to be called one of the most sustainable buildings in the world because it uses geothermal wells for both heating and cooling.

5. Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre

This building is located in Hyderabad, India and boasts of a 50% savings in energy use, 35% reduction in water consumption and usage of about 80% recyclable and recycled materials.

6. Santos Place

This building in Brisbane, Australia uses the latest technology in environmentally sustainable design and energy efficient initiative which wins it the tag of one of the greenest structures in the world.

7. Clinton Presidential Library

clinton presidential libraryThis building is known to be one of the most environmental friendly places to work in US and accomplishes many goals which lead to the overall energy efficiency. Factors like waste reduction, less use of light bulbs, decreased water and energy consumption etc. are the main sources of the conservation.

8. K&H Bank Headquarters

This bank is located in Budapest, Hungary and it uses 22% less energy than a comparable conventional building. It incorporates many new technologies in water, energy and other forms of conservation.

9. Park Hotel in Hyderabad

park hotel in hyderabadPark Hotel in Hyderabad, India is yet another green buildings in the world to fall into the list of the top 10 such buildings. The building uses a sun and rain screen which protects the high performance windows of the structure.

10. Marco Polo Tower

marco polo towerThis building in located in Hamburg, Germany and combines the concepts of high class living with top level energy conservation. Many latest conservation technology and systems have been installed in this building to make it one of the greenest buildings in the world.


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