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tips to make your fireplace eco friendly

Amazing Tips to make your Fireplace Eco Friendly

We all love curling up in front of the fireplace but do you know that using or lighting up the fireplace can have many negative effects on our environment? The fireplace is not the most eco- friendly way to heat up the home but if you are still not willing to give up on those […]

things you can do to save coral reefs

10 Things you can do to Save Coral Reefs

Coral reefs are highly diverse underwater ecological systems which are held together closely by calcium carbonate systems that are secreted by corals. Coral reefs are built and developed by the little animals which are found underwater and contain few nutrients. Most of the coral reefs are developed by stony corals that are comprised of polyps […]

park hotel in hyderabad

The Top 10 Green Buildings in the World

As the environment is getting depleted and the natural resources are getting exhausted, the world is trying to save the environment and its resources through its little efforts. While some people are conserving electricity, others are trying to use eco-friendly vehicles to conserve fuel. While widespread conservation has still not been made into a reality, […]

keep your car cool without AC

How To Keep Your Car Cool Without AC

In the hot summer season, all you want is a strong AC throwing some cool air onto your sweating face. But what if you are travelling in your car and the AC breaks down? Well before it starts getting more miserable than it already is, you must think of solutions that can keep your car […]

harmful effects of pesticides on bees

The Harmful Effects of Pesticides on Bees

When it comes to modern agriculture, the use of pesticides is inevitable and highly popular and common. The use of pesticides has increased by a huge degree but this has led to many harmful side effects of which one of the most dangerous ones is the toxicity to the honey bees. There are many negative […]