Window Tips for Green Homes: 4 Things to Keep in Mind

window tips for green homes

Green homes are the conceptual houses that are designed with the essence of being environment friendly, environmentally sustainable and conscious. For many the aim of remodelling their houses into green home is to use environment friendly materials, conserve resources during construction, improve the air quality within the house and to conserve energy/ other recourses all through the life of the house.

Naturally then, when building a green home, an individual must look for window options that minimize the cost of cooling/ heating the house. The process of choosing the right window requires focus on 4 major areas:

window tips for green homes1. The Placement, Suitability and design:

Before you start considering the kind of frame, glass and all such components focus on the placement and the suitability of the window. Consider the area where you live and the location of your house to establish where should the windows be installed. For example you may want to go for windows on walls such that they maximize day lighting and views.

But some others may not want that, so establish what’s best for you. Those merely reinstalling the windows, not remodelling the whole house may have less scope for placement options- they can move on to the other aspects and do the best. The next aspect is the design. Some window designs are more energy efficient than other in respective areas. So based on the suitability factor choose the design best for you.

2.  The Frame

Once you have decided on the placement and suitability you can begin choosing the appropriate frames. It is commonly believed that since wood conducts energy slowly as compared to metals, one should go for wooden frames. But you cannot go on blindly installing any wooden frame.

There are varieties in frames each with its pros and cons. So choose a frame type based on your budget and other requirements. You can choose from vinyl- which is less expensive and is very energy efficient; or wood- which gives highest insulation efficiency but are sort of high upkeep as compared to other frames; or aluminium- which though not that practical for insulation will be more suitable than other frames in rainy/ humid climates; or wood clad- which is a wooden interior covered with the exterior of vinyl or aluminium.

3. The Glass

Choosing the right kind of glass to be installed is also one of the important aspects of green house windows. Yes the glass does make a lot of difference, for example a double pane will help keep the inside of the house protected from the heat of the sun and its UV rays in the summer- something the single pane windows won’t do as much. Also in winters these windows prevent the inside heat of the house from escaping thus bringing about a sizable difference in the utility bills of the house.

 4. The Insulation

One of the most important aspects which if left ignored may render the most expensive and otherwise most efficient windows- inefficient. Experts like Otto’s Windows and Doors say that one should get pre- installation waterproofing before starting windowinstallations with caulking and flashing being few of the best options for insulation. Whenever getting the insulation make sure that it’s done properly particularly without any leaks or it may lead to problems later on.


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