5 Innovative Ways to Recycle your Socks

ways to recycle your socks

Do you have a lot of old worn out socks lying around the house? Or have you lost one sock of the pair and are wondering what to do with the other one? What most people do is throw away the sock but you don’t need to do that. For all of your socks (pair or not) can be reused in one way or another. Are you wondering how it is possible to reuse socks? Well you need not wonder for here follows a list of ways that help you reuse or recycle those socks.

So read them and implement the one most suitable for you and never, ever think about throwing those socks away without reusing them.

ways to recycle your socks1. Cleaning Props around the House

Socks make really nice cleaning/ dusting rags, that is, you can use the old socks to do dusting around your house, use it as a cleaning rag in the kitchen and more by just slipping it on your hand. You can also pull it over one of the ends of a stick to make it reach to places that are otherwise hard to reach and clean; do not forget to fasten the sock onto the stick with a rubber band or a thread.

2. Polishing

Once you are done with wearing the socks on the inside of your shoes you can use them on the outside. Meaning, use those old socks to clean and polish your shoes. And why just shoes, these soft socks can be used to polish just about any leather item like purses or belts etc. All you need is a sock and the cleaning agent you generally use.

3. Toys/ soft toys/ puppets

Who would have imagined that one can use socks to make toys out of them? Well we sure as hell can. And that two not just one particular kind of toy we can make plenty different types. For example soft toys can be made out of socks by filling them with cotton/ foam and giving them appropriate shape. Another example is use the socks to make puppets out of them- the main opening can be for the hand and cut- outs can be made on top to make hands of the puppet where the figures go.

4. Covers

The shapes of the socks make them ideal for use as a bottle cover. Use the sock to cover the bottle while storing them or cut the closed end and slip it over a bottle of hot beverage to act as an insulator for your hands. The socks can also be used to insulate your furniture against the bottom of hot as well as cold bottles.

5. Massaging and Hot/ Cold Packs

Hmm! It’s really very simple yet something we never really thought about until now. Fill the socks, well those that are mostly intact, with some rice, beans or any other grains and make hot packs by microwaving or cold pack by refrigerating them. You can use the sock as a massaging tool by merely slipping in a tennis ball in it and running it over the area that needs massage.


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