How to Raise an Eco- Conscious Kid? 5 Easy Steps

raise an eco conscious kid

Giving due importance to our environment is long due on part of each and every individual. There is an urgent need to be conscious of the environment and take measures to move towards restoring it. An integral part of ensuring that our future environment remains safe is to inculcate in the future generation a sense of importance of eco- friendliness and the environment. It is not that difficult to mould an individual into being eco- conscious if he/ she are taught from the beginning of the formative years.

The steps/ pointers listed below are established to guide parents into raising eco- conscious kids.

raise an eco conscious kidLead by Example

The oldest trick in the book comes to our rescue once again. To get your children to love the environment you got to do it yourself first. Implement a reuse and recycle mechanism in your house and follow it as religiously as you can. And eventually get your kid to help you out and play a part in it all. Also inculcate a sense of keeping the environment clean and reducing the use of even moderately hazardous substances/ materials in your kid by following all these rules around your own house.

Art and Craft

Art and craft has been an easy and fun way to impart knowledge to kids. So why not use it for the betterment of the environment as well. Recycle any shoe or other cardboard box by decorating it with the help of your kid. Inspire the kid to be artistic with the use of the waste materials, the waste paper and more. Show them how to kill two birds with one stone, eh!

Discuss the Consequences of our Action

Another way to ensure that your kid is eco- conscious is to discuss with him/ her consequences our day to day actions have on the environment. Tell them how pollution hampers the air and other elements of the environment we live in, inform them about the effects of global warming and the depletion of the all essential ozone layer. But make sure that you do not scare them in process.

Discuss the Change in our Actions that may Improve the Environment

Once you have explained to your kid the adverse consequences of our actions, let them know how we can change a few things and improve the environment. Tell them about things like the conservation of electricity, reusing scare resources, about the local eco- friendly projects running in your community and more.

Get close to the environment/ enjoy it

One cannot understand the full importance of the environment without enjoying it first. You may have to get a little dirty for it but it’s all worth it. You can go camping with your kids and enjoy the peace or sign them up for the summer vacation ecological camp. You can also start a home garden- dig up the terrace or the garden area and plant your favourite fauna. These are just a few things that will get your kid close to the environment and there are a lot more.


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