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raise an eco conscious kid

How to Raise an Eco- Conscious Kid? 5 Easy Steps

Giving due importance to our environment is long due on part of each and every individual. There is an urgent need to be conscious of the environment and take measures to move towards restoring it. An integral part of ensuring that our future environment remains safe is to inculcate in the future generation a sense […]

tips for greener computing

Tips for Greener Computing

Green computing is the answer of the human race to counter the carbon foot print contribution of the computing and technology industry. Well if not completely counter, it definitely helps all of the individuals in reducing the adverse effect of the technology on the environment. Since we cannot all go back to being a world […]


The Dirty Business of Hard Science

Science can be a really dirty business. By dirty, I do not mean corrupt (although it can be). I mean filthy. Hard science is disgustingly filthy in ways that make me a little queasy just thinking about. Science is also far from green. It takes a lot of energy to run something like the Large […]

ways to recycle your socks

5 Innovative Ways to Recycle your Socks

Do you have a lot of old worn out socks lying around the house? Or have you lost one sock of the pair and are wondering what to do with the other one? What most people do is throw away the sock but you don’t need to do that. For all of your socks (pair […]

eco friendly flooring options

5 Amazing Eco Friendly Flooring Options

There are varied types of measures the eco-conscious society today is taking. There are a lot of individuals who have started to use the three major principles of recycling, reusing and reducing. We see eco-friendly initiatives in all aspects of the society. And no matter how small or huge those efforts are the important thing […]

window tips for green homes

Window Tips for Green Homes: 4 Things to Keep in Mind

Green homes are the conceptual houses that are designed with the essence of being environment friendly, environmentally sustainable and conscious. For many the aim of remodelling their houses into green home is to use environment friendly materials, conserve resources during construction, improve the air quality within the house and to conserve energy/ other recourses all […]