Ways to Prevent our Oceans from Damage

prevent our oceans from damage

Our oceans are not just a great place of beauty but are incredibly resourceful and useful. Our oceans not only take care of our recreational activities but are also a source of food, transportation, medical products and even energy.

There are many benefits that we derive from the oceans and thus it is very important to protect them and take care of their regular cleanliness and maintenance. Inspite of our efforts, our oceans are experiencing damage due to many activities like agricultural run-off, garbage disposal, oil leakage from ships and other factors. The following are a few ways in which we can prevent our oceans from damaging:

prevent our oceans from damageKnow What not to put in the Drain

Everything that we put in our drains often ends up in oceans and seas and thus it is very important to know what not to put in the drains. We must not put pesticides, cleaners, solvents and other chemicals down the drain and should make it a point to recycle hazardous waste rather than having it washed down.

Using Ocean Friendly Products

Another step that we can take to prevent our oceans from damaging is to use ocean friendly products. We should know that soaps, paints and nail polish etc. are not good for the ocean.

Dispose Trash with Care

Whatever we dispose as trash ends up in the oceans and thus we must take special take of disposing off the trash. Some items like plastic can be extremely bad for the sea animals and birds who may eat it or may get caught in the plastic bags etc. These items must first be recycled or should be treated before being thrown away. We must also try and reduce the trash amount on an everyday basis.

Join a Underwater Clean-Up Group

If you are really interested in seeing the oceans clean then another step to take is to join an underwater clean-up group. These groups help in cleaning up of beaches and even underwater areas so as to reduce the harmful products that harm the ocean water and underwater life. But for this, you must know how to dive.

Keeping your Boat or Ship Green

If you own a water based mode of transport, then you must try to keep it as green as possible. It is important to use environment friendly products on the boat and opt for a boat which does not leave oil or gas into the ocean.


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