The Dark Side of Fluorescent Lights

dark side of fluorescent lights

The uses of fluorescent lights are becoming more and more common every passing day. The simple reasons behind this increase are that they cheaper, consumes fraction of the energy and they last longer in comparison to the incandescent bulbs.

Hundreds of studies however have shown and also proven that the use of fluorescent lights can have a range of negative effects on our bodies. It is primarily because of the quality of light emitted from these bulbs when they are lit. Here are five most potent health hazards that may result from the excessive usage of fluorescent lights.

dark side of fluorescent lightsMigraines and Eye Strain

These particular light bulbs contain a kind of gas which glows to emit light when it conducts electricity. We know for a fact that electricity is not constant, thus when at every alternative moment current is passed through it, the gas inside the tube glows in flickers. This flickering is so fast that we cannot conceive it properly thus causing eye strain, and migraines. It also causes Stress/Anxiety too, due to cortisol suppression.

Sleeping Problems

Fluorescent lights emit only one color spectrum, a phenomenon which our brains are programmed to compute as darkness. With regular exposure to this lighting our sleep cycle gets disrupted thus resulting is sleep disorder, low productivity, and constant sickness.

Symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

These bulbs also sometimes may have a green cast to them making all the colors in the environment around us drab and sickly. This results in Seasonal affective Disorder (SAD) in us.

Hormonal Cycle Disruption

Our body’s chemistry is primarily based on day and night cycle. If we do not get enough sun light our body’s rhythm falls apart which further messes up with our hormones, specifically amongst women.

Cancer and Tumor Formation

Natural light from the sun is of utmost importance to our health. Even in day time we spend more and more time indoors under the fluorescent lights which we are not genetically programmed to do. This lack of exposure to the entire spectrum of natural light affects our immunity thus making us prone to diseases and defects. It also results in reduced life expectancy as well as cancer and tumors.

Thus it is important for us to know what negative effect exposing ourselves to fluorescent lights on a regular basis has on us. Thus beware and spend more time in natural light to fight off these negative effects as much as possible.


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