How to Buy Eco Friendly Toys

buy eco friendly toys

When you think of buying toys for kids, apart from the entertaining factor you should also consider the safety factors. Avoid buying toys that invites choking hazards, chemical colours and other troubles. Today market is selling wide range of toys that are made of different synthetic chemicals as well as heavy metals like lead, plastics, toluene, phthalates and many more.

Therefore it is advisable to shift your choice from those harmful toys to eco friendly toys which will not only be safe and healthy for your kids but will be beneficial for environment as well. While selecting eco friendly toys, keep the following points in mind and go ahead with a wise investment –

buy eco friendly toysDurability

Though high quality toys seem to be expensive, but remember that they will last for longer and you can also pass it on through generations with pride.

Reading Labels

Before buying any toy never forget to read the labels which will tell you all the details from what it is made up of, from where the material came from etc. Thus, you can make the judgment of the appropriate one.

Prefer Open Ended Toys

Buy creative and multi functional toys such as colorful scarves, wooden blocks, and smooth stones etc which are safe enough as well as kids will experience innumerable creative adventures with them.

Avoid Plastic Toys

The market is overloaded with plastic toys and you might get tempted to buy them owing to its attractive colours, shapes and features. If you need to buy any plastic products then prefer those which are labels as #1, 2, 4 or 5 at the bottom of the product. It would be best if you can avoid them and buy toys made from natural products.

Local Products are Advisable

For reduction of green house gas emissions, you must opt for local toys which are eco friendly. On the other hand European, Japanese and Canadian imports are quite safe and beneficial for the environment; they might be costlier but the money is worth it.

Here you find few examples of eco friendly toys:

1. Stacker

It is a classic toy consisting of eight whimsically colored pieces to stack from large to small. This stacker is made from recycled plastic container of milk to save energy as well as greenhouse gas emission.

2. Shape Sorter

This is another eco friendly toy, which is made up of recycled plastic jugs and assists kids to recognize different shapes. No BPA, PVC, phthalates or external coating, which may harm your kids.

3. Animal on Wheels

Made up of easy to grasp handle and with no sharp edges that can be dangerous for your kids, these wheels are really interesting piece of toys. The spinning wheels will be beneficial to develop gross motor skill of your child.


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