Benefits of Reusable Water Bottles

benefits of reusable water bottles

People claim that the reason behind buying packaged drinking water is convenient to carry, supposed to be healthier as per claimed by the manufacturers and tastes better. However, the fact is that using reusable water bottles are beneficial for more than just one reason.

Study shows that 50 billion water bottles are sold every year and the number is increasing among which only 23% are being recycled. Hence the result shows that 38 billion of water bottles are trashed which increase pollution as well as landfill waste.

Therefore according to recent researches reusable water bottles are not only beneficial for your health and pocket but also for the entire environment. Below given are some benefits of using the reusable water bottles.

benefits of reusable water bottlesMaterials

Basically reusable bottles are made up of polycarbonate, copolyester, polyethylene, steel, polypropylene and aluminum which are less harmful for your health. Bottles made up with stainless steel and aluminum stand to be durable.


A chemical named BPA is used to solidify polycarbonate bottles. The National Toxicology Program has proved that this chemical has adverse effects on human behavior, brain, prostate glands of fetus as well as children. Consequently manufacturers have clinched themselves in developing BPA free reusable bottles for all ages.

Trash and Recycling Diversion

While you shift yourself from packaged drinking water to reusable water bottles, you fall under the roof of community which helps for reduction of the production of packaged beverages that result in less landfill burdens as well as less recycling burden. It has to be mentioned on this occasion that when you are using water bottles made up with aluminum and steel, they can be recyclable within community if they get spoiled.


Though investing money in reusable water bottles may cost little high but if you calculate in long terms you will be benefited. Through investing in reusable water bottle you will be able to utilize that for longer run filled up with reliable source of water instead of purchasing packaged drinking water.


Cleaning of reusable water bottles is much easier. You can make use of those components which are easily available at your home to clean the bottles. You may combine small amounts of bleaching powder and baking soda or vinegar or anti bacterial mouth wash for cleaning.

Hence as we comprehend from this article, from every aspect is it health or money saving; utilization of reusable water bottles is beneficial.


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