Things not to be Poured into Sinks

things not to be poured into sinks

Sometime it happens that you use your household drain as a convenient way to pour unwanted liquid waste, whereas you should keep in mind that this process can damage your draining system and can bring unnecessary hazards to you.

The pouring of unwanted liquids into your sinks can damage your home interiors, can cause health hazards and most importantly harm the environment. It may also cause blockage of sewerage pipes which can overflow either your home or your neighbor’s home. Hence to avoid these unpleasant circumstances you need to be cautious about what should not be poured into your sinks.

things not to be poured into sinksCleaning Materials with Toxic Chemicals, Solvents, Paint and Oil

Though water treatment procedure is necessary for cleaning the drain of the sink, you must be aware about the fact that it also involves plenty of chemicals, dangerous for the environment which ultimately mixes up with the water of lakes, rivers and oceans. Several toxins such as bleach, phosphates, and pesticides have destructive effects on the on fragile ecosystem . Instead of draining out the paint solvent or oil through your sink, you can contact with city waste centre to collect those to drop off in desired location.


You should be careful about the flushing out of expired pills or liquid medicines through your sink. These medicines containing various chemicals would finally flow down to the natural resources of water which may become injurious for health. Hence the way out would be to contact with various local organizations who are involved in the disposal process of expired medicines. On the other hand you can also combine those medicines with kitty litter or coffee basis to use them into your regular trash.

Grease, Oils and Fats

Pouring grease, fat or oil into your sink can create problems of clogging of sewerage pipes and include expensive sewerage treatment procedure. The other aspect declares that by disrupting natural balance of waterways, this process can hamper our environment as well as the lives of plants, fish and other wild lives. Therefore to come out from these problems you may contact with local companies or city programs who are engaged in recycling process of kitchen waste.

Paper Towels, Scrub Pads, Wipes, Cotton Balls

Though paper towels, baby wipes, scrub pads are suggested as flushable, you should keep these things away from your sink. Pouring of these products into your sink may result clogging of your sewerage pipe. Hence it is advisable to opt for cloth towels to avoid trash altogether.


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