The Best Tips for an Eco-Friendly Summer

best tips for an eco-friendly summer

For all those who like following an eco friendly or green lifestyle, the summer months can be tough. Since the days become longer and hotter, most people like to stay indoors and this can lead to a high level of energy consumption.   But to have an eco-friendly summer, it is important to limit the consumption and save energy as much as possible. If you are confused on how to achieve this, then the following given tips and suggestions will be very useful for you.

best tips for an eco-friendly summer

  • Make sure you always keep the curtains drawn during the summer months so as to keep the indoors cool, which will ultimately lead to less energy consumption.
  • Make sure that you seal the cold air in and keep the hot air out. This can be done by closing in all the gaps around the windows as well as the doors. This is another method to avoid using the air conditioner for most part of the day.
  • Whenever you move into another room or step out of the house, switch off the electronic appliances, especially the high energy consumption ones such as the AC and the TVs etc.
  • Replace the filters of the AC whenever possible so as to keep the performance level high and energy consumption low. When filters are clogged in with dirt, then the system will need to work harder for producing the same cooling effect, hence sucking in more energy.
  • Opt for fans rather than ACs whenever it is possible or use the AC for a while and let the room cool down and then switch it off to turn the fans on. This is a good way to circulate the AC coolness throughout the room without wasting too much energy.
  • Try to water the lawn early in the morning in order to let the water soak down before the afternoon heat. This is a good way to save water and hence have an eco friendly summer.
  • While washing clothes in the washing machine, try to wash on the cold setting and hang the towels out to dry.
  • Install fluorescent light bulbs whenever and wherever it is possible.
  • If possible, use a solar powered mobile phone charger and other solar powered products like solar heaters etc.
  • Do not put the laptop or computer on hibernate but make it a point to always shut it down completely.


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