Going Green with Hair Care Products: The Best Tips

hair care products

In this world scenario where many people are going green in their everyday lives and activities, why not go green even with the hair care? Green hair care is a growing trend among eco-friendly concept supporters and is also a great thing for your hair.

Caring for the environment can be done with something as simple as hair care as well and this is evident from the fact that shampoos and conditioners consist of several harmful chemicals which may mix with water and can even damage your hair. So the following are some of the top tips to go green with hair care products:

hair care productsUse Eggs

One of the best ways to ensure green hair care is to use eggs in your hair rather than using shampoos or other chemical rich hair products. Eggs are natural hair rinsers which can leave hair silky and smooth. They also help with split eggs and work the best with a little mayonnaise.

Coconut Milk

Another superb natural hair care product is coconut milk. Coconut milks are great substitutes for hair conditioners and they too help to make hair silky and shiny. To use this, saturate your hair totally with coconut milk and wrap a towel around them for about an hour. Wash off the coconut milk with warm water.

Hot Oil

Rather than spending money on a hot oil treatment, you can also opt for hot oil massage at home. For this, you can grab any natural oil such as canola oil or olive oil and heat it up a little. Massage your hair with this and leave the oil for about 30 minutes for an amazing conditioning session. This is a good way to save costs and also doesn’t involve any chemicals which might affect the environment negatively.


You must have heard many advertisements related to avocado oils or shampoos consisting of avocados. But if you have a handful of these with you at home, then why spend money on purchasing expensive products? Smash a few of them and use them as a mask on your hair. The avocados can add their natural vitamins and natural oils to the hair and will make them healthy and smooth.

Lavender Oil

This is a great green treatment for a scalp with dandruff or an itching sensation. Warm the oil and massage it into the hair for a while. Leave the oil on and experience an immediate difference.


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