Tips for Green Car Care

tips for green car care

Your friend just bought a swank new car and has been showing off. You on the other hand have a car that is three years old. But it may so happen that your car is much more environment friendly than that of your friend’s. It does not matter how old or new your car is. What matters is how efficient it is and how less adverse its effects are on the environment. Here are a few small steps that will help you to take care of your car and make it green.

tips for green car careWays to keep your car green –

Tune your car

Your duty towards is car is as long as you own it. Make sure you get its oil changed every 3 months. After your car has reached a certain number of miles you need to go for the regular maintenance work.

Make it light

There is no need to carry junk around. Take out all the unnecessary things in your car’s trunk. The more the load, the more fuel it will use.

Check the tires

Your tires may be deprived of air and that can increase the load on the engine which causes more fuel consumption. Check for it and do the needful.

Replace spark plugs and dirty air filters

A spark plug fires up about three million times in every 1000 miles and causes chemical and electrical erosion along with heat. When these spark plugs become dirty, they misfire and need to be replaced. The air filters also gather a lot of slug over time and it is your job to replace them from time to time.

Use AC sparingly

Too much use of the air conditioner increases fuel consumption and that is what hinders the green effect. In case you are driving on a cool day, lower the windows, turn off your AC and feel the breeze. This is good for your health as well.

Drive smart

Try and avoid using the brake too often. This increases the load on the engine and makes the car ineffective. Anticipate the move of the driver in front of you and also maintain a good distance behind him. Hard brakes are not good for the car.

Gas Caps

Make sure that the gas caps are properly fitted. Loosely fitted gas caps can cause fuel to leak and that may cause the car to be less green than you think.


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