The Different Types of Green Building Materials

different types of green building materials

Green building materials are those types of building materials that are ecofriendly in nature and do not harm the environment in any way. These materials do not cause any type of pollution to the environment and are often energy efficient as well. There are many types of green building material varieties and the following are a few of the major examples and types:

different types of green building materialsBamboo Flooring

One of the common types of green building materials or eco-friendly materials is bamboo. Bamboo can be used as a flooring material and comes into the category of wood. This material takes about 3 years to mature and is an environmentally sustainable choice for flooring in your house or office.

Cork Flooring

Another type of a green building material that you can make use of while building or rebuilding of your house is cork. Cork too can be used as flooring and is harvested from the bark of the tree. Other benefits of using this material are that it is ant-microbial and hypoallergenic in nature.


Linoleum is another type of a green building material that can be used or employed while building of a new home. This material is made from items like oil, jute, linseed and flax. The benefit of using this material is that it does not release toxic volatile organic compounds into the air like its other counterpart materials such as vinyl tiles do and is thus highly eco-friendly to use in the house.

Forest Stewardship Council Wood

Another type of a wooden material or environmental friendly material which can be used as a building material is FSC Wood. The manufacturers of this material follow forestry practices of preserving the natural habitats of animals and prohibiting the usage of harmful and hazardous pesticides.

Homasote Fiberboard

This is a kind of a green building material which can be used for the purpose of insulation and is environment friendly because it is made from recycled newsprint.

Cotton insulation

This is another material which is ideal for eco-friendly insulation because is it made from recycled cotton materials and does not contain traditional fiberglass insulation during its installation procedure.

Hemp based products

Hemp fibers can be used to make insulation and these fibers are naturally resistant to the action of moths and beetles which are kind of pesticides.


Some other green building materials include solar panels, solar heaters, recycled carpeting, energy efficient windows and plastic lumber yard for roofing.


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