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best tips for an eco-friendly summer

The Best Tips for an Eco-Friendly Summer

For all those who like following an eco friendly or green lifestyle, the summer months can be tough. Since the days become longer and hotter, most people like to stay indoors and this can lead to a high level of energy consumption.   But to have an eco-friendly summer, it is important to limit the consumption […]

hair care products

Going Green with Hair Care Products: The Best Tips

In this world scenario where many people are going green in their everyday lives and activities, why not go green even with the hair care? Green hair care is a growing trend among eco-friendly concept supporters and is also a great thing for your hair. Caring for the environment can be done with something as […]

incorporate organic food recipes for kids

Tips to Incorporate Organic Food Recipes for Kids

There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that organic foods are the healthiest food options for anyone, especially for the little ones. But the catch here is that these foods may not always be the favourite of kids and it may be difficult to get the kids to like them or relish them. But […]

best homemade household cleaners

The Best Homemade Household Cleaners

When it comes to cleaning, no one wants to compromise and this is the reason why people often end up buying very expensive household cleaners, without really considering whether or not they are worth it. Well some of these expensive cleaners might do a good job but have you considered that there could be many […]

reusable grocery bags

The Various Advantages and Disadvantages of Reusable Grocery Bags

Reusable grocery bags are those kinds of grocery bags that are made up of environmental friendly materials such as hemp, nylon and cotton etc. These bags are designed to store grocery items which you buy at your grocery shopping session and are different from single use paper bags or plastic bags. Like everything else in […]

things not to be poured into sinks

Things not to be Poured into Sinks

Sometime it happens that you use your household drain as a convenient way to pour unwanted liquid waste, whereas you should keep in mind that this process can damage your draining system and can bring unnecessary hazards to you. The pouring of unwanted liquids into your sinks can damage your home interiors, can cause health […]

recycling of food waste

Options of Recycling of Food Waste

According to research every year on an average a person produces near about 475 pounds of wastage of food that makes it the third largest element from the aspect of weight to the landfills. This food waste products generates methane gas, known as damaging green house gas which is 20 – 25 times intoxicating than […]

prepare vermicompost

Ways to Prepare Vermicompost

When an organic matter is decomposed or recycled it’s known as composting and it’s a good choice for diminishing ecological effect and setting up a regular, advantageous soil added substance. Many people opt for indoor composting operation that has less space requirement and can be done by composting with worms. This kind of composting, called […]

tips for green car care

Tips for Green Car Care

Your friend just bought a swank new car and has been showing off. You on the other hand have a car that is three years old. But it may so happen that your car is much more environment friendly than that of your friend’s. It does not matter how old or new your car is. […]

different types of green building materials

The Different Types of Green Building Materials

Green building materials are those types of building materials that are ecofriendly in nature and do not harm the environment in any way. These materials do not cause any type of pollution to the environment and are often energy efficient as well. There are many types of green building material varieties and the following are […]